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January recap

This month has FLOWN by.  I’m not sure if it’s because work is busier than ever (admissions season), or because I’m still sick, or because this first month has been packed with social activities.  In any case…instead of a week by week recap here’s a month! January was definitely a month of EATING. salt air…

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Christmas in Hawaii Part I

This year Mike and I did something a little untraditional and split up for Christmas.  I flew home to Hawaii to see my family and Mike stayed in LA with his.  At the time we made these plans we seriously thought it made sense…but in hindsight…spending such an important holiday apart was dumb and we…

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Flat Iron Building +Eataly + Shake Shack + Cupcakes by Melissa

One spot that Mike and I didn’t get to spend much time in was the flat iron area.  We literally did a few pit stops at some iconic locations but didn’t spend a lot time looking around or enjoying the scenary.  One big regret I have.  But that’s ok, we can put it on our…

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DSLR Canon Rebel T3i

my new camera is here!!  *wooooooooot*  it came on saturday and i can’t put it down!  i’ve been taking pictures of everything!  it took me a while to choose one (more about that here), but once i selected a model i also decided to get a package deal over buying things individually.  there were tons of opinions on…

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March Recap & photodump Part II

My March weekends were super packed.  Like 1-3 events per day.  I had to take cat naps in the car (while markel drove. hehe) to keep up! Below is part dos of our month of funnnn~~~So much happened that this post will be mainly a photodump of fun events. First up: Versailles!  Markel’s high school…

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Puppy treats, food and diet for a Teacup Maltipoo

Wrote a new post on what we feed Lucy on my food blog: Fattie Delights! Check it out if you’re interested =)

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Giving Thanks with Family and Friends

This last weekend was THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!! =)  Markel and I went to his parents home in Beaumont for the weekend,  It was SO MUCH FUN, totally relaxing, and went by WAY TOO FAST.  *sigh * Here are some photos of the weekend~~ The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my coworkers and I had a little lunch to…

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Hawaii (Part IV: Road to Hana)

On one of the days in Maui, Markel and I drove the Road to Hana. Let me just say…it’s pretty fucking overrated.  I don’t regret going (b/c it was pretty), But i don’t think it’s something i will ever do again.  Laying out by the pool and drinking mai tais vs. driving for 6 hours? …

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

Work this week has been a bit cray.  So this update is late as well… but what else is new huh? Last weekend was a really good mix of rest and friends.  I had 2 birthdays to celebrate and each one did it in total style <3 Friday–Markel and I started Orange is the New…

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Random Bits of Our New Place

Here is a random collage of our new apartment.  I originally meant to do a little video tour of it~ but~ I got lazy.  (sorry folks!) Here are some photos from my phone.  If you like it and want more, let me know!  Perhaps I will try making a little video <3 My favorite clock…

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Summer Arm Candy Party

Now that the weather is warm, I’m beginning to bust out my arm candy from winter hibernation.  Here are some style inspiration photos from pinterest.

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Girls Night: Wine Tasting

Last Week, my coworkers and I got together and did a wine tasting.  we compared high end and low end red & white wines in between dinner and dessert at one of the girl’s homes.  This was seriously one of the most fun nights in a LONG time.  We just relaxed, talked about life/work, and…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

In true weekend update fashion…I’m super late!!  TWO weekends ago was incredibly fun and packed with tons of friends/family time <3 Friday Markel was home sick~ so we rented red box movies and ordered Pho Takeout xo Saturday In the Morning Markel and I got the best surprise ever for our wedding and received a…

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Weekend and Week and Photodump

This past weekend and week were full of fun dinners, friends, and Christmas cheer! Friday night, I went to dinner with some of my favorite pentee girls and we had the most delicious dinner at Chaya brassiere in mid-city, Los Angeles.  Best cocktails! Saturday, Markel and I moved our things into storage (until we can…

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Christmas in LA

I went out for dinner on Saturday to Pete’s Cafe for a friend’s birthday and we came out of the restaurant to this heavenly view.  GORGEOUS right??  It’s on 4th and Main street.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year in Los Angeles <3

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

Alas…I’m super late on my weekend updates (again).  Here’s a recap from nov 16-18. =) This weekend was incredibly relaxing.  I spent Friday night and all day Saturday hanging out alone and catching up on R&R. An interesting tip from Cosmo (oct ’12 issue).  For ever alcoholic drink, drink 2 glasses of water after so…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was a whirlwind of packed events, friends, fun, and FOOOOOD.  After a few long weekends of doing nothing and resting (since I was sick), it felt really good to be around good friends. Friday –I hosted a pumpkin carving contest + potluck.  It was so much fun to have everyone over! Saturday…

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Target Haul: Getting Ready for Halloween!

Every year I host a pumpkin carving party with prizes and this is my first round of purchases =)  Oh goodness…I LOVE Halloween, Love pumpkin flavored everything…and especially love wearing costumes!  teehee~~      

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

Last week was probably one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a LONG time.  Not only was it the first week of school, but it was filled with meetings, receptions and MUCH more.  *sigh *  I’m surprised I didn’t guzzle bottles of wine each night. The weekend was…well…a wide range of lazy and…

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This weekend was so much fun!  It wasn’t AS packed as my other weekends, and I loved spending time outside in the sun <3 Friday:  I was super sick in the morning which was a huge bummer since the evening festivities had been something I had been looking forward to for a LONG time =( …

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