Mommy Mondays: Holiday Craft Ideas for Your Toddlers

How cute are these??  This was a really fun project that c enjoyed and actually kept asking to do again last year.  What I love most is that we get to forever keep a record of how big her hands and feet were at 18 months.  

All you need is paper (I like white craft paper), washable paints, paint brushes, and someone to help you hold a wiggly toddler.  Apply paint to your little one’s feet and hands and then have the helper slowly lower their hands or feet onto the paper.  I always make 5-6 copies of each just in case.  The first few rarely work out since the baby is squiggly and there is a lot of paint in the crevices of their hands/feet.  

After the prints are done, set it aside and let it dry over night.  Then go back with a q-tip and pen to fill in the final touches.  Once it is all dry you can hang it anywhere in the house, put it in a frame, or even send a bunch of these out to family members for Christmas cards!  Xoxo

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