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Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017

this weekend was filled with fun, candy, and family.  here are a few pictures of charlotte, lucy and c’s bestie. <3 my first born and babe.  she is such a trooper and i couldn’t love a doggie more. <3

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Babies vs Dogs

sooooooo i’m about to offend a lot of mamas out there but…. whenever i hear people talk about their babies or their second/third children i ALWAYS mentally compare it to raising lucy.  LOL Both require a lot of patience, training, time and responsibility. To have a well behaved dog implies a sacrifice of your time,…

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Throwback Thursdays: The Lucy Dairies

Lucy Bear is getting spaded today =(  so in her honor…here is a little throwback thursday for her. Lucy is 5 months here.  how freaking adorable was she??? even EARLIER pics…maybe around 3 months??  how adorable is she???  gahhh i die. this was the day we got her.  what a HUGE difference right??  

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