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Instant Pot

Instant Pot

We got a hot pot today during the Amazon prime day sale. I am sooo excited for this baby. As a working mama making dinner every night is hard. I’m hoping this bad boy will make a huge difference! :)))).  Click here to the Instant Pot I bought during the sale!

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Weekday Meals

[photo cred] even before baby mike and i struggled with cooking during the week.  actually…let’s be real, i HATE cooking and i suck at it.  i have no interest or heart (intention) in cooking.  so since we started dating, mike has seriously cooked these past 8 years and he is SOOOO good at it.  i…

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Fall 2013 Bucket List

Breaking goals up by quarter has help me try to make the most of 3 months.  I like that I can see a short list of items and check them off.  Here’s my Fall bucket list <3

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