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Toddler Fashion: OOTD

my favorite thing about C is that she loves to run and laugh.  everything new or different is HILARIOUS to her.  i hope she keeps that optimism and joy foreverrrrr. she can even drive her own little ATV!  =P

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Target Easter and Spring Style

Target Easter and Spring Style

How cute are these pieces I picked up from target today??  I can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer so C can wear these 🙂  

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Lemon Tree Kids Cafe in Koreatown

went to lemon tree kids cafe a few weeks ago with my coworkers and their families~~ SO MUCH FUN.  C was too small to do 99% of the things there but i’m excited to come back her in a few months when C can run around and play! here are some awesome pics my coworker’s…

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Baby Fashion

Baby Fashion

call me crazy…but i haven’t been able to buy clothes for baby blair because i can’t imagine what kind of “look” or “style” would fit her best.  my friends laugh b/c they say that she’ll wear whatever i dress her in (true) but i swear some babies can pull something off that other babies can’t…

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