Physical Learning for Toddlers & Kids

i don’t know about you, buttt i love looking up learning and physical milestones that babies/toddlers/kids should be reaching.  it helps me know if c is on track and what the next step is so that mike and i can support/nurture it.  that sounds cray i know~ mike always gives me side eye when i bring it up.  lol  i feel like it’s my job as a parent to make sure she is growing and thriving right?  she doesn’t have to be doing what 5 years olds do, but i want her to be able to achieve average 2/3 year old milestones.  reading these charts/articles also helps me know what to look out for if c is NOT meeting the normal timeline of kids.  for instance, if she had autism or a physical disability~ i would be able to pick up on it faster.

i’m a checklist kind of person, so reading articles help me figure out if i’m making the right moves for c.  if she needs more at this age and it gives me cool ideas on how to development new skills.  in case you don’t know where to look, i included 5 articles below!

Learning and Development

Get Moving! Toddler Activities to Encourage Physical Development

Toddlers Learning by Play

Learning Milestones

Skills Development from Birth to 5 Years Old



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