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DIY hanging toy/ laundry bags

DIY hanging toy/ laundry bags

Mike and I recently found these adorable bags from Amazon and weren’t quite sure what to do with them.  They were kind of small, so we couldn’t use them as large toy bins like the pictures show, but they were the perfect size for laundry bags and lost small toys.  At night, after C goes…

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Zebra Print Rug for Kids

i’m late for so many posts… so as a nice little “i didn’t forget about you beautiful blog community” here is a new piece we just added to our home. <3 LOVE the new rug we got for Charlotte’s reading nook. =)  The nook itself still needs a full-on makeover but it’s off to a…

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Home Decor Inspirations: Mid-Century, Scandanavian, Target and Land of Nod-Y

maybe it’s summer or maybe it’s b/c i’m constantly trying to keep up with our ever growing toddler~~ but I’m in a huge “home decor redecorate” mode.  i’m looking to brighten up our very dark apartment (with no natural sunlight) and also make it baby friendly AND aesthetically pleasing.  easy peasy right?? it’s been over…

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