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Chic Hawaiian Themed First Birthday

Chic Hawaiian Themed First Birthday

A few weeks ago we got our profesh pics back from Charlotte’s first birthday party!  Oh my, every detail from this day was sooo pretty and I couldn’t be happier.  Mike and I thought of this theme when we were in Hawaii for Christmas~ which was AWESOME timing since we were able to pick up…

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Baby Fashion

Baby Fashion

before baby char was born i wasn’t sure what kind of “look” she would be right for (post here).  now that she’s here, i’m having a BLAST buying things for her and dressing her up!  =) Here are two purchases I just made for my little budding fashionista! headbands from Little Highbury, a shop on…

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A Shower for Baby Blair

A Shower for Baby Blair

This past weekend  I hit 8 months in my pregnancy AND baby blair was showered with lots and lots of love!  I have to say, this was the most beautiful shower with thoughtful details and gorgeous girlie touches. Since pictures speak louder than words, here is a huge photodump of the most amazing shower I’ve ever…

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Weekend Recap + some fun things

Of course this is another late post… Sorry guys… Winter Quarter is really kicking my butt and after I get home…I just CANNOT move. Last weekend was a REALLY REALLY great break in a sea of stress and chaos.  I watched 2 movies in theatre which I rarely get to do these days, and went…

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Baby Blair Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Baby Blair Baby Shower Inspiration Board

The baby shower date is set and I’m already thinking of the perfect way to bring baby blair into this world~~ <3  Markel and I rented a community center and reserved it for a Saturday in early March.  Now I know you aren’t supposed to throw your own shower, but we didn’t feel comfortable having…

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Travel Style

After my trip to NYC with Markel in May, my carry on bag didn’t survive the trip.  (or it did, but it’s a little scratched and i’m trying to use that as an excuse to buy a new one! lol)  Here are some cute travel accessories/totes that I found from Etsy~ aren’t these adorable? I…

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Diamonds: Pear Shaped Engagement Rings + thin and thick wedding bands

“Diamonds are a girls best friend.” ― Marilyn Monroe Wedding season is upon us and I am seeing TONS of engagement rings in my pinterest feed.  Do I get tired of it?  HELLS NO.  I love looking at engagement rings and wedding bands.  It’s so fun! =) SOooo I know that the pear shaped diamond…

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Etsy Review: Lulu May Jewelry

Etsy Review: Lulu May Jewelry

A few weeks ago I ordered rings from etsy seller Lulu May.  Her store was having a 20% off sale and I instantly fell in love with her pieces.  Not only are they gold (which i’m obsessed with) but each item is so simple and unique. Here are the two items I ordered below.  (these…

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Bags from Twelve Inch on Etsy

I am an etsy seller so I totally try to give back and shop on etsy as well.  I came across these bags and just about died.  They are SO stinking cute plus I love the clean lines and classic colors.  This season I’m obsessed with getting a backpack (which is why I stopped at…

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Top 7 spring wishlist items

there are SO MANY things i want for this summer.  it takes all my self control not to go out and buy it all!  gahh Here’s my top ten fun summer items that i want in my closet NOW. 1. Tons of WHITE clothing–looks so clean and fresh! [images from pinterest] 2. Comfy Summer Sandals…

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Esquisite Designs Wine Cork Hearts

Esquisite Designs Wine Cork Hearts

It’s been about 4 years since I opened my etsy stores and I’m always so blessed when people place an order.  Just the fact the people like the product and it’s a creative outlet for me…so amazing. Anyway, here is my latest order that I shipped out today =) The back My Etsy Stores: EsQuisite…

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EsQuisite Designs: New Ombre Heart

I own two etsy stores and one of them (EsQuisite Designs) makes wine cork hearts, letters, veils, etc.  The Ombre Heart is a new design that I came up with a while back and it has been FLYING off the shelves! =) The creative process ;P~ Wine is always a necessity. The Finished Product! The…

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Ring Party + Red Nails

Love this picture.  So far I have 1 set of knuckle rings but this picture makes me want a few more.  I like the idea of stacking a ton of skinny rings together. <3

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Wedding Pictures (Part V)

Oops, totally forgot to post these from a few months before!  The last and final post of the wedding <3 The Reception! This day feels soOOOOoo long ago.  I can’t believe we got married and are currently living a newlywed life…so weird! lol  Feels like yesterday when Markel and I met and were having a…

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Knuckle Rings Have Arrived!!

I ordered knuckle rings from Etsy recently (post here) and they finally arrived in the mail!  They were so teeny tiny that I was sure they wouldn’t even fit. I like them a lot.  I haven’t worn them or tested them out~ but just trying them on was adorable.  The service was fast, efficient, and…

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4 Gold Knuckle Rings from Etsy

I just bought these over the weekend and I’m so pysched for them to arrive!  I have fat fingers, so I didn’t think Knuckle rings would be flattering~ but I tried some on when I was in SF two weekends ago and well…they actually make my fingers look longer!  Go Figure. Etsy Store: Galisfly

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Random Photos for April

Found these photos in my drafts inbox.  I normally start entries on my phone but I always forget to post them!!  Here are a bunch of them from last April that I have yet to post (or maybe have posted sporadically).

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap and Photodump

This was one big crazy weekend/week.  so…brace yourself for a long post! Thursday–Fun Bridal Shower for my coworker and Old Roomie in College <3 Then a fun coworker wine night at my place Firday Dinner Party with friends from Sacramento <3 My New Glasses! xo From Ray Ban Fun pretty things + MAC Makeup  LOVE…

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Work Bridal Shower: Congratulations Libby!

We had a gorgeous bridal shower at work last Thursday for my coworker and old college roommate <3  It was incredibly girlie, shabby chic and fun <3  Another reason why I’m so blessed to be working in my office at UCLA.

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Monogram Etsy Necklaces from Swirl Studio Designs

For my Maids of Honors, I bought them monogram necklaces that came late in the mail.  I bought them from Swirl Studio Designs and they were INCREDIBLY easy to work with.  I kept making the wrong mistakes while I was going through my order and they not only replied to me right away, but made…

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