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Best Toys and Products for a 15 Month Toddler

Here are some things we are using our home OVER and OVER and OVER for C. Plastic Cups/Dishware from Ikea Skip Hop Backpack~ C loves to have her “own” bag and wears it to daycare each day. Ikea Step Stool Ikea Wearable Bib Faucet Extender Melissa and Doug Animal Magnets Door Stoppers Whisper Ride Splat Mat Skip…

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Toddler Weekend Getaway Necessities 

Labor Day Weekend is here!  Our family went on a long weekend vacay last weekend and I tried my VERY VERY best to pair down what we all needed so that we weren’t lugging around unnecessary luggage.  It kiiiinda worked.  lol I pretty much either underpack or over over pack.  I’ve never gotten it JUST…

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Mommy Mondays: Bottle to Sippy Cup Transition

Mommy Mondays: Bottle to Sippy Cup Transition

What do all of these things have in common?  C will not drink from any of these sippy cups.  She’ll trick us and take a few sips for a hot second but then refuse to drink from it ever again.  I’ve even tried re-introducing it a few times to see if it was just a…

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Mommy Mondays: How to Decongest Babies

  Cold and flu season is soon approaching and I thought I would write a post of things that he helped (or not helped) us. Now that C is one and a child of daycare, I feel like we have gone through the entire gamet of colds, flus, and viruses.  The last few months have…

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C’s favorite books

C is OBSESSED with books right now and I couldn’t be happier.  Her daycare does a “reading” time in the mornings while all the kids are arriving and C pretends to be one of the older toddlers and copies them.  I LOVE it.  She sits and points to the animals and babbles like she’s reading…

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Mommy Mondays: Bath Tubs and Bath Accessories

Oh Goodness, I can remember the first time Mike and I had to give C a bath~~ we were TERRIFIED.  C was this teeny tiny babe with a fresh umbilical chord and I can still remember how scared we both were of hurting her, getting water where it shouldn’t, and just messing something up!  Looking…

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Mommy Mondays: Best Diaper Wipes

When you go to the baby aisle or look through the amazon choices…it is VERY confusing what wipes to buy or not buy.  What wipes are expensive just because and what wipes are a bargain deal (plus still strong and gentle).  Hopefully this little review of the wipes I tried will help you out! This…

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Mommy Monday’s: Best Saline Spray for your baby 

Mommy Monday’s: Best Saline Spray for your baby 

For the first 11 months of C’a life I used little remedies saline spray.  It seemed like the most gentle brand so I stuck with it.  But trying out the boogie brand wipes (post here) I decided to try out the boogie mist and well…it is pretty awesome.  I love the spout at the top…

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Mommy Mondays: Diaper Rash Cream Review

for the past month, Charlotte and her body have gone through the ringer.  she has been congested, had mucus coming out of her eyes, contracted hand, foot mouth disease, had a double ear infection, was given antibiotics that she was allergic to, was given new antibiotics that her body only tolerated, was given benedryl around the…

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Garden of Life Raw Priorities Kids

Garden of Life Raw Priorities Kids

C started daycare a few weeks ago and we began adding this probiotic to her milk once a day. it’s a tiny scoop of this powder to help her immune system, help her fight off any germs and just stay super healthy.  so far i think it’s worked?  C seems happy as a clam and…

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