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    Hawaii 2018

    oh my…this last trip to hawaii was different than my previous trips since we went with friends!  two families came to hawaii with their little ones and we stayed at the Hawaiian Hilton Village Hotel thursday to sunday.  it was a trip for the books and i have to say, a REALLY fun way to vacay! c and i got to hawaii about 1 week before everyone else to hang out with my parents.  c only gets to see them once (mayyyybe twice) a year, so i wanted to make sure we had as much family time as possible.  my parents also managed to squeeze 1 year of spoiling into…

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    C is starting ballet this month and I seriously could not be MORE excited.  This has been one thing I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do with a daughter (and tea parties!).  I bought C a few outfits from amazon and here’s a pic of her in one!  EEEEK.  SO SO CUTE!!! Here are some links to what I bought from Amazon below: MdnMd Girls’ Glitter Camisole Tutu Leotard $10.99 Arshiner Girls’ Ruffle Sleeve Skirted Leotard $12.59 Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid) $16.15 I wanted to literally buy her 10 outfits, buttttt who even knows if she’ll LIKE ballet right?  If she does, and if Mike doesn’t kill me for…

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    August Round-up part I

    i can’t believe it’s august.  i had a huge list of things i wanted to do with our family this summer and well…i probably only tackled about 1/3 (if that).  sigh.  oh well.  school is starting at the end of sept for me and i am NOT ready.  i have this antsy travel bug inside of me and i seriously want to take an international trip somewhere and a staycation on the coast of CA. since i haven’t been updating each event/weekend regularly, i thought it would be easier to do a bi-monthly or monthly round-up! C moved classrooms this month~ from the 2 year old (rabbit) class to the…

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    Summer + 10 Years

    Hello friends. I am alive and well. I know that since this blog was rebooted I haven’t been updating as regularly. That is because…Well…life! Every day of the work week I’m just trying to get to bedtime. After bedtime I try to clean a little, rest, and talk to my main man. This last year I have felt myself stretched thin, yet I’m not sure why. My job is way better (and less stressful), c is older and easier, mike is traveling less… *shrug*. I guess it is just one of those busy seasons. Anyway, just wanted to pop on here and tell you I am alive and well. Just…

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    My Fertility Journey

    This last year (exactly 13 months) has been quite a rocky one.  I’ve been pregnant twice and miscarried both babies.  Heartbreaking doesn’t even quite sum it up since there is such intense sadness, anxiety and hopelessness in it all.  If you haven’t read about my previous journey, please see here. Since my last miscarriage in March, I’ve gone to see several different specialists, undergone tons of bloodwork, and received 2 uterus checks.  All of it shows that I’m healthy, but there are some tiiiiiiny things that need to be adjusted so that my body is in the “optimal fertility window”.  *shrug *  It’s all very confusing, so I thought it might…

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    Instilling Confidence and Self-Esteem in Kids

    this is a topic that i am really passionate about.  confidence in kids.  i am NO expert and i am learning how to do this along the way~ but i’m really hoping to focus on it so that as c grows into an adult, she grows into a confident and centered woman. i was super sheltered as a child and when i went to college, i feel like i made a lot of mistakes.  i didn’t know how to be open minded or take risks or even live while making smart decisions. sooo, in an effort to constantly communicate with c, give her life tools to make smart decisions, AND…

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    Fourth of July Recap

    This year, Fourth of July came SO FAST!!!  I thought I was ready…but the week leading up to it… NOPE.  NOTEVENALITTLE. Thank GOD for friends who are better prepared and host parties!  lol  Here are some fun photos from our day + a gender reveal!!  Can’t wait for one more baby to join our family! isn’t this outfit adorable??  got it from target a few months back + the stars that are on the wall. the entire day was kid centered and just SO MUCH FUN.  i was having such a great time chatting with friends that i totally forgot to take pictures!!  sooo unlike myself.  *doh* and below we…

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    C’s Third Birthday: Disneyland

    This was a hard year for our family with all of my pregnancy losses and a focus to get better.  The idea of throwing a huge party for C was just too much, but I wanted to find a way to make her feel EXTRA special and loved for this big day.  SOOO I planned a three day celebration for our three year old girl. <3  I planned three days of fun with little presents on each day to make the three days EXTRA EXTRA special and wonderful for this big 3 year old bday.  ANDDD to maybe even put my mind at ease so that C didn’t miss out on…

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    C’s Second Birthday: Ice Cream Party Theme

    for c’s second birthday last year, we threw her an ice cream themed party.  i had been a crazy person and wouldn’t let c have any sugary treats/desserts until she was past 2. soooo to celebrate this big birthday milestone, we had an ice cream theme party at the park!