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    Indian Wedding

    C and I went to our first Indian Wedding this month and it was AMAAAZING.  I have always wanted to be invited to such a beautiful and festive event like this and well… this wedding did NOT disappoint.  Here are some fun pictures from the weekend. oh man, i have ALWAYSSSS wanted to get henna done on my hands.  c was absolutely BEAMING after she got hers done. friends dance to the bride and groom.  there were SOOO many cool dances and performances.   the groom’s entrance.  this was the first one i’ve ever seen and it was FUNNNN.  there’s a huge celebration welcoming the groom and leading him to the…

  • Fashion

    The Perfect Clutch

    i have no idea why…but i’m super into the idea of clutches.  maybe it’s the royal influence (kate + meghan) but i think it’s the perfect finish to an evening outfit.  i’m going to a few weddings this fall and i got a really plain (but nice) navy blue dress (below) from Gal Meets Glam at Nordstroms.  The dress checked off all of my boxes: sleeves, vneck, fit and flare, length.  Just super flattering for my body.  Anyway… since the dress is so plain, I’ve been really interested in getting 1-3 clutches so really jazz it up (do ppl even say that anymore? jazzzz?) Here are my favorites from shopbop! …

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    Punching Debt in the Face

    oh man, do you remember this blog?  i loooooooooved this guy so much.  (the new writer is not the original writer–who sold it after he became successful).  the original writer started this blog to help keep himself accountable for his student loans and he had a really ridiculous way of living so that he could prioritize his debt repayment.  he got married and even had two kids with this mindset/lifestyle.  like you would see his monthly spending charts and graphs and think he was cray cray~ BUTTTT he was able to save so much money that he bought a baller home + his wife was able to stay home and…

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    Table Manners for Toddlers

    oh my, getting a toddler to sit at the table during dinner time can be the MOST challenging part of my day.  c will sit and eat for about 5-10 minutes and then she’ll start to stand in her seat, wander from the table, bring toys to the table, etc.  as a new mama i have no clue when it’s the right time to teach c all the rules, but i definitely needed to put some guidelines in place so that mike and i could EAT or even have a conversation! here are some fun things that have helped us and will hopefully creating a foundation to build on as…

  • Fashion

    short arms

    does anyone else have a really hard time finding a leather jacket that fits?  for some reason leather jackets are made for people with HELLLLLA long arms.  and they aren’t even made so that you can easily alter the sleever!  damn zippers.  i’ve been searching high and low for years but always end up returning them or selling them on poshmark.  ugh. i found a few that i LOVE and i think have shorter arm lengths but they are $$$$$$.  boo. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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    sadly my blog has been neglected for the past like three years.  i always mean to write regularly and put together fabulously curated posts… butttttt life is not that way.  i work full-time, have a cray commute, usually do the evening routine stuff on my own, and mama needs a long zone out break after c goes down for the night.  our house literally looks like hoarders USA (not b/c we are hoarders, but b/c we never put stuff back in it’s place).  sigh. anyway, since it’s been a while and i thought i’d update on some random things going on… i’m looking for a side hustle.  something to give…

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    Three Years and 3 Months

    i can’t believe i have a three year old TODDLER.  just seriously blows my mind.  time is going by SO SO fast and before i forget, i’m going to try and document some of the best memories/moments of C these days… -c’s English and Korean are EXPLODING.  she says the most HILARIOUS phrases in both languages and the way she understands the world is really surprising.  she understands so much more than i give her credit for knowing at 3 yrs old.  funny phrases/words: “widibittit” (for a little bit) “i hiiiiidingggg” (when she just covers her eyes) “bow cereal” (for cereal in a bowl, not just loose cereal and a…

  • Kids


    C is starting ballet this month and I seriously could not be MORE excited.  This has been one thing I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do with a daughter (and tea parties!).  I bought C a few outfits from amazon and here’s a pic of her in one!  EEEEK.  SO SO CUTE!!! Here are some links to what I bought from Amazon below: MdnMd Girls’ Glitter Camisole Tutu Leotard $10.99 Arshiner Girls’ Ruffle Sleeve Skirted Leotard $12.59 Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid) $16.15 I wanted to literally buy her 10 outfits, buttttt who even knows if she’ll LIKE ballet right?  If she does, and if Mike doesn’t kill me for…

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    C’s First Birthday: Chic Hawaiian Theme Dohl

    oh Lord, do i love to plan a party.  and when i do, i go big.  i mean BIG.  do i have a few craft meltdowns along the way?  hell yes.  do i love everything about the party afterwards?  you betcha. i originally posted this on my old blog (before the hacking) but since that post is longgg gone, here are some gorgeous pictures from that day.  in light of the fact that c just turned 3~ i’m walking down memory lane and reposting her last two birthdays this week. for c’s dohl, i took a few things that i LOVE and blended it into this perfect party below.  1)…

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    Remembering Loss: Coping with Miscarriage

    if you haven’t read the first article this journey, please click here first before reading below. i’m about 6 months out from my first miscarriage and 2 months removed from my second.  not a day goes by where i don’t think about these babies and wonder what they would look like, be like, feel like in my arms. i have found a lot of solace in speaking to other mamas who have lost babies and listening to podcasts, reading instagram messages, etc.  because i find it SO SO therapeutic, i thought i would share with other mamas who may be going through what i am. Social Media Accounts There are…