Toddler Weekday Style

some of what little C has been wearing these days. <3  for daily updates check out her instagram: @littlelottieblair  =)

Mommy Mondays: Mom Style

I recently threw out a huge chunk of my jewelry and wardrobe.  These are a few pieces of jewelry above.  I’m pretty sure if you looked at this pic you’d like, “yea girl…throw that out!”  LOL  BUT for me, these resemble my pre-baby prime where I was super into accessorizing, always wearing things in trend […]

Target Easter and Spring Style

How cute are these pieces I picked up from target today??  I can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer so C can wear these 🙂  

Travel Style

After my trip to NYC with Markel in May, my carry on bag didn’t survive the trip.  (or it did, but it’s a little scratched and i’m trying to use that as an excuse to buy a new one! lol)  Here are some cute travel accessories/totes that I found from Etsy~ aren’t these adorable? I […]

Lifestyle Updates

I’ve been holding off on lifestyle updates about my weekends, trips, news because I’m working on revamping the site and back-end of the blog!  This should all be up in a few weeks (hopefully less).  Then I’ll update you all about my Christmas/New Years and January moments! =) Thank you for your patience!! xoxoxo A […]

Snow Bunnies: Surviving the Polar Vortex with Style

Everyday I hear more bad news about the East Coast.  Snow, Storms, Wind and below freezing temps…  As a Californian, I can’t imagine that kind of cold!  Winter in LA is a medium weight jacket that can still be paired with heels and a t-shirt.  Here’s an inspiration board for Stylish Winter Wear even in […]

Boyfriend Style: Nordstrom Basics

Picked up new basic items for Markel at Nordstrom.  Love the fresh patterns and colors. ♡♡ 

Summer Style Inspiration Ideas from Pinterest

I Love looking at Pinterest for outfit inspirations!  After wearing jeans and closed toed shoes for so long, I’m itching to wear dresses, skirts, and lots of accessories! Here is a mix of spring/summer outfits (even for a cold night too)

Gangnam Style

Sound familiar?  Have you been hearing it on the radio, news stations and E! news?  Well, I was most pleasantly surprised to see that Psy made a guest appearance on Ellen and danced with her and Britney Spears!!  I LOVE how Korean Pop Music has made its way into mainstream America. If you’ve been living […]

DIY Hair Style/Braid: Cascade/Waterfall Braid

Boyfriend Fashion: Preppy Style

So…Markel doesn’t know it yet…but this summer I plan to revamp his wardrobe with some more preppy pieces.  I’ve decided that preppy looks the best on him and really gives off a clean, put-together look.  He can mix and match without a problem, plus he’ll always look appropriate to every function without much effort.  Button […]

Hair Style of the Day: Falling Braid

Gosh I love this new braid!  It’s so romantic, fun, flirty and perfect for a special occassion (or just a day out with friends).  I’m actually considering this as the perfect wedding-do for my brother’s wedding, but we’ll see if I can do this to myself…

Weekend Beach Style

It’s a gorgeous day in LA and I’m off to the beach to get a tan!  Happy Weekend Everyone! xoxo

Hair style of the Day

With my new obsession for winged eyeliner~ I’m channeling a 60s vibe this week=D

Hair Style of the Day

LOVE this casual braid and updo.  This is my go-to hairstyle this week at work!  It takes less than 10 minutes to do and the messier the better =) I curl my stick straight hair at night a little so that it’ll be easier to work with in the morning.  The added texture allows everyone […]

Hair Style of the Day

Love that this can be dressy and casual!

Military style snap-front cardigan from Banana Republic

Military style snap-front cardigan   A couple weeks ago, I bought markel a few birthday gifts from Piperlime and Banana Republic.  Recently, these items came in and Mike wore the cardigan Sunday night when we went to watch the Avengers!  Wahoo!  Look at him in his snazy outfit <3

Current Men’s Style Obsessions

Gosh…I can’t help but write about these things~ they’re so perfect for the spring/summer and they’re so easy to match with anything!

Boyfriend Style, Looks and Fashion

My bf and I were talking last night about fashion and updating his wardrobe.  He’s still wearing t-shirts and jeans from high school/college!  As a man in his mid-twenties…it’s time for a major upgrade.  The conversation led to some ideas of what kind of new pieces should be added and what style would look best […]

Best Purses For Moms On The Go

when you’re a new mom you need a large diaper bag to hold all of the little things that your newborn needs.  as a toddler mom, you need something that is either attached to your body (like a backpack/cross body) or can be super durable to spills or the insistence of a little one dragging […]