I’m alive friends.  I know I’ve been so MIA this summer and early fall.  I over planned our summer activities (typical me), and then I never had time to write or recover.  SIGH.  Also very typical of me.

Lots of fun things have happened to our blair family this summer (one announcement to come out next monday).  i changed jobs, i recently lived a life of decluttering (read this book twice!) and i got sick like 4 times in a row b/c of c.

i’m still sick now which is a total bummer, but as i settle into my new work place, i will definitely be back to normal posting schedule SOON!!

halloween is right around the corner and so are the holidays!!  so so so excited for all of that fun.  c is seriously at the CUTEST stage these days and i can’t for her to experience trick or treating, thanksgiving, christmas, etc.  EEK!!


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