If you could taste a little bit of heaven right now…it would be at N/Naka.  NO JOKE.  This restaurant was literally the best food I had ever eaten in my entire life. I wanted to C R Y with every bite because it was all THAT DELICIOUS.

We ate about 15 plates and they were all small bites.  At first you think you won’t leave full~ but MAN OH MAN~ every single bite is SOOOO satisfying.  AND you eat so many plates that you are stuffed by the end.  The entire menu is so well thought out and paired with the most AMAZING wines/sakes (if you get the wine pairing).  I literally wanted to melt every time I took a bite of food and a sip of alcohol.  I can’t tell you the EXCITEMENT I felt as each new course and alcohol tasting came out.  The entire 3 hour experience was SO SO SO INSANE.

We went here for Mike’s belated birthday and they made it extra special with a little chocolate dessert (on top of the desserts!).  They even took our picture AND the owner of the restaurant came out to personally greet each table.  The pictures below are only a small sample of what I took.

I can go on and on about how special and amazing this place is.  If you have a chance, PLEASE go and make reservations.  I emailed the restaurant directly and was able to take over a cancellation spot.  If you’ve been wondering about this place or thinking about trying it~~ DO NOT WAIT.  YOU HAVE TO EAT HERE!!!  I’ve heard from so many people that it’s better than Providence. *gasp*


Here we are below with the owner~~~ eek she was SO NICE!!download

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Oysters & Champagne

Oh Lord I can’t believe the summer is over!  Back in June I celebrated my 33rd Birthday with a classic and fun Oysters & Champagne Party.  It was my very first time buying fresh oysters in downtown LA and our first time shucking oysters at home.  <3

If you’re interested in going downtown, I highly recommend the Los Angeles Fish Co.  They take card, are INCREDIBLY friendly, and the seafood is fresh.  There are some other places in downtown that are cheaper but the service at those places are NOT GOOD.  Like…It’s not even worth getting the cheaper prices.



we all had to wear these super cute hairnets.  ^^

img_5031 img_5033

how freaking cute are these little bun pigtails?? gah i die~~img_5035

champs for the party!  I swear i drank three bottles on my own.  o.Oimg_5100

some of the spread =Pimg_5102

mike made the most delicious vinaigrette for the oysters!  along with the traditional cocktail sauce and horseradish. =Pimg_5104 img_5110

someone was VERY VERY Excited about the cake for my birthday.  LOL img_5112


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Mommy Mondays: Teaching Toddlers the Alphabet

downloadC is 27 months and my newest obsession has been making sure she knows her alphabet.  The daycare has done a beautiful job teaching her colors, shapes and numbers.  C knows a lot of her letters, but I’ve noticed that she doesn’t REALLY know her letters the same way she knows her colors, shapes and numbers.  SOOOO, being the tiger/helicopter mom that I am, I’ve taken it upon myself to teach her the alphabet at home.  I took out all the alphabet books we have and we have been going over 1 letter a day.  Sounds awesome right?  Well…not really.

I quickly found out that C would be AWESOME at her new letter that day, but forget it the next day.  Or if she remembered one new letter, she would forget the previous new letter from the day before.  So my plan of one letter a day was not so well thought out.  I mean, the child is 2 right?

So I realized that I had to make learning letters FUN and different each time.  Show her in books, use coloring pages, help her to craft the shape of the letter, etc.  Really hone in on different sensory activities to make sure she learns the letters.

These new approaches have made learning the alphabet fun and fresh for C so that she isn’t stressed or bored.  Here are some fun links I found online and new ways that I’ve been trying to teach C the alphabet. Hope this helps you in your journey to teaching your little one too.  ^^





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