Hello Kitty Pop-Up Cafe in Irvine, CA


This was a total dream come true.  I have been wanting to check this place out since it opened and I FINALLY got the chance to go!!  It’s located near the gorgeous ferris wheel and faux lawn area.

I literally made c go with me and we ordered 5x too many things for us and we had sweets for breakfast a few saturdays ago. ;P I would say after trying the strawberry lemonade, strawberry cake, macaroons, and hello kitty pop tart… it wasn’t all good.  lol  C loved the macaroons and the strawberry lemonade but not anything else.  i ate all the things she wouldn’t touch and well…it was aiite.  the desserts and drinks were over priced, but for me, worth it since i wanted to see this place SO BADLY.

If you go down and check this adorable pop-up out, definitely get their macaroons! =)  The other items…meh.  very cute, but not a lot of flavor.
img_5294 img_5306 img_5301 img_5295 img_5288 img_5281 img_5265 img_5275 img_5258 img_5308 img_5311 img_5312



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