Oh LORD, I have bought WAYYY too many flotation devices for c these past two years b/c I’m so terrified of her drowning.  Mike always shook his head because why would we ever leave C alone in the water or NOT be next to her?  Like when would she drown?  BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!!!  YOU NEVER EVER FREAKING KNOW.  I’ve heard SOOOO many stories about friends’ kids drowning or almost dying.  I just can’t.  I’m the mom who will duck tape floating devices all over her kids to make sure she is always buoyant.  lol  Mike is in the camp that you teach a kid to swim as early as possible so that in the event that something happens, your kid knows how to float and paddle/swim to the side.  OBVIOUSLY his thought is totally correct, but C is so little I’m just PAR-A-NOID.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve gotten for C and my thoughts on each of them.

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  1. Life Jacket Vest–BEST option in my book.  This baby helps kids stay afloat instead of sinking to the bottom, but your kid still has to work a little to keep their head afloat.  It also wraps tightly around the body so kids can run around and feel like they’re not wearing anything.   Buy a similar one here.


2. Life Jacket Puddle Vest for Kids.  This one is great in theory, but not if you want your kids to learn to swim and stay afloat.  Kids can doggy paddle forward but they need the help of an adult.  The cons of this suit is that it is very bulky and C hated it.  She hated having the things around her arms when she just wanted to run free.  BUT this is still great if you want your baby to stay afloat in the water without sinking to the bottom.  This vest also is best for little kids who just want to float around and enjoy the pool.  C is not one of those kids.  She wants to jump in and out of the pool while also running around EVERYWHERE.  This bulky vest did not allow her to move freely.  Buy a similar one here.


3. We have this Supow Swim Ring flotation ring above and I really love it.  Babies are kept safely in this very wide ring.  This baby is incredibly easy to pack for vacations or stuff into a pool bag.  I would say this bad boy is for infants to 18 month olds that are chill.  C is NOT chill so she sat in this thing for like half a minute before trying to swim or escape.  (sigh)  Buy this here.


I’ve tried a few other flotation devices that weren’t awesome for an infant or toddler.  These above were my top three faves and the ones that I thought were the safest for little ones.


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