This is 33

Today I turned 33 and was so caught up with work, Charlotte and LIFE that it didn’t really feel like my birthday.  Normally I take the day off and get an entire day to enjoy this new milestone.  

I’m not sure what 33 will bring but it sure felt rich and lovely with Charlotte trying to swipe my cake and candles and mike cooking us dinner.  As crazy and messy as tonight was, it was rich with a family that I’m so lucky I have. 

I also spent several meals with friends and loved ones in my life these past two weeks.  During the craziest times I always forget the blessings I have around.  But looking through my sweet messages and pictures from this month I realize how much the Lord has blessed me.  

With that I can’t wait to see what 33 brings.  I hope it is full of blessings, vacations and new milestones.  :). Xoxo

My mom’s bday meal: sashimi riceflowers from a sweet friend

Someone thinking it was her birthday. Lol

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