Mommy Mondays: Decluttering over Summer Break


Summer is here and for our home, the chaos of the school year is behind us.  Over memorial day weekend I thought a lot about our home and how disorganized it had become since our last clean out (probably spring break).  I vow’ed to donate about 30% of our things that were going unused.  BECAUSE we have a TON of that.  We have so many “someday i’ll use it” items and “when i lose weight” clothes.  UMM…DONATE!  c gets SOOOO many gifts throughout the year that it’s impossible to keep it all.  PLUS when she plays with something, the mess is absolutely EVERYWHERE.

SO when looking through our home, I started with C’s stuff first.  I went through all of her toys and tossed anything she had outgrown (and we didn’t want to give it to our next child), anything with missing/broken parts, things that she no longer played with, items that were given to us in gift bags that served no purpose, and all clothing that no longer fit/were in good condition.  Just doing this freed up SOOO much space.  And what’s crazy is that now that C could see her own toys again, she started playing with ones that she had forgotten about.  (fun tip: I keep some old toys in the car so that she can play with them at restaurants/friend’s houses.  She forgets about them and then they are like new toys again!).

One last thing I try to do for C’s toys is if it doesn’t fit into the bins we already have, then something needs to go.  It helps keep our home from looking like a toy store, and it helps with C’s attention span.  She can’t play with 100 different things.  She only needs a 5-10 max.  Making everything fit into the existing bins has really helped us clear out space for new toys every holiday/birthday.

After going through c’s things we went through each room in the house (even the cupboards and fridge) and had piles and piles of things to throw out or go to donation centers.  We’re still in need of 1 or 2 more cleaning hauls, but we’re off to such a good start.  Items that no longer bring us joy or serve a purpose in our home are getting the boot!

With the weather getting warm and things slowing down at work, I’m very eager to get our home in tip top organization shape! =P  Hope these little tips and thoughts help you in your own journey to decluttering and organizing.

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