C had colic the first 8 months of her life and mike and i had NO IDEA.  doesn’t that just blow your mind???  we knew she was fussy and gassy, but every definition of colic we read said that your baby had to cry 3-4 hours at a time.  that was not the case for us, so we assumed she was just gassy.  UNTIL i listened to a podcast about colic and they hosts said that it was a TOTAL of 3-4 hours a day.  UM, YEAAAAAA THAT IS C!!!  i was driving when i heard it and i remember wanting to pull to the side of the road just so i could take it all in.  WHAAAT C HAS COLIC???

anyway, by the time i figured it out c was already like 6 or 7 months.  sigh.  ain’t it always like that…

well, i’m sharing this all with you today so that you don’t go what we did with c.  she was very gassy and spit up for 1.5 weeks before we figured out how to slow her eating and keep her upright.  once we changed those few behaviors, it COMPLETELY changed c and made us much happier (more sane) parents.

  1. you need bottles specifically designed for colic.  it allows air to go in and out of the bottle so that it’s not being trapped inside your little one’s stomach.  i loved the playtex ventaire, but I’ve also heard wonderful things about the dr. brown bottles.  AND one important note is that we used sensitive formula for babies with gas.  whenever we used a normal formula, c would be SOOO fussy and it showed right away.
  2. baby k’tan wrap.  c needed to be cuddled and held a LOT during the first 4 months, which is natural right?  i thought it was b/c she was in her “fourth” trimester, but looking back i think it had a lot to do with her gas and discomfort.  being upright made her feel better and helped with all the things that were going on in her body.  i like the baby k’tan at this age since it is less bulky and allows the baby to be wrapped against your body like in the womb.
  3. a reclined bouncer/bassinet.  these were CLUTCH for us.  when we couldn’t’ figure out how to help c, we did notice that she slept for longer hours in the bouncer.  we used to just feed c until she let us know she was done.  then we burped her and put her down flat.  after switching to the new bottles, we feed her in increments.  so we fed her a few oz, burped her, fed her more, burped her, etc.  after she was done eating, we held her upright or kept her in an upright bouncer so she could digest.  she stopped spitting up immediately once we made this change. (click here and here for ones we liked)
  4. gripe water.  sometimes burping and keeping a baby upright just doesn’t cut it.  we gave c gripe water after every feeding for a while and it kept her happy. no more fussiness, no more gas.  during the middle of the night if c woke up angry and crying hard, we gave her a little dose and she slept soundly the rest of the night.  mike also did these bicycle/leg exercise with her to get the last bits of gas out of her tummy/intestines.
  5. vibrations helped a lot.  the vibrations of the bassinet, recliner, car… all of those helped c when she was at her fussiest.

one nice thing to note is that as your baby gets older, their stomachs develop and they are less and less fussy.  by 8 months c was no longer suffering from gas but good ol teething and sleep regressions.  lol  JOY.

anyway, i hope our little life lessons help you and your little one if you’re going through the same thing!  colic is apparently a TOTAL of 3+ hours of crying in a 24 hour period.  not in succession.  so any baby that is fussy, spitting up a lot, and having a hard time lying on its back may be suffering from this same thing.  but never fear!  grip water and a reclining bouncer will save the day.

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