Charlotte’s Second Birthday: Ice Cream Theme Party

oh my, my baby turned 2 this past sunday.  our family is still pretty sick and run down from the week before so this post is late and so are all my other normal posts.  i feel like even when i’m sleeping early every night, i just need 48 hours of REST.  sigh.  i guess i can rest when i’m dead huh?

ANYWAYYYYY~~~ we did two really fun things for c’s birthday but i’ll split it up into two posts.  Part One: Ice Cream Party!!!

mike and i were seriously supposed to do a VERY VERY casual party in the park.  just ice cream and some balloons.  unfortunately…that is just not how i roll.  i never mean for it to get this way, but i seriously always want the most perfect party ever and spend like 10x our budget and stress over it 10x more than i should.  in the end, the party was absolutely perfect and c got to try her FIRST BITE OF ICE CREAM!!!  it was a very special day for our family since i had been a sugar nazi for the first two years.  i made sure she did not have a lick of salt or sugar before 1.  and then from 1-1.5 years i was SUUUPER careful about the two.  now that she’s older…i’ll probably still be really cautious, but let her have some juice at parties and eat ice cream during the summer months. =)

ice-cream-party-2 icecreambirthday

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