Mommy Mondays: Ergo Baby 360 vs Ergo Baby


if you are planning for a baby soon or have a little one already~~~ you NEEEEED an ergo baby.  whether it’s a 360 or not, the ergo is SO EASY to use and REALLY comfortable for both you and the baby.  i personally have both the 360 and the original and use both equally.  here are the pros and cons of both, so you can decide which one is best for your family.

The Original

this soft ergo is easy to store, use and wash.  there is also a sweeeet pocket in the front that allows for storage of keys/phone/credit cards.  when you’re walking around with a baby, you don’t want to also have a bulky bag/purse~ so being able to put everything in here at once is clutch.  the thing i love about the ergo is also that the material is soft enough where i can put this on easily by myself.

The 360

this version is sturdier and allows for your baby to be in 4 different ergo positions.  it’s AWESOME for your baby and more structured for a comfortable sitting position.  i personally think it’s hard to put on by yourself (compared to the original model), but it feels great on.  the one major downside of this for me is that there is no storage compartment in this upgraded version.  you have a lot more structural support for the baby but you (the mama) have to keep all your keys/money/phone in your pockets or a crossbody bag.  not convenient when you want to have as little as possible on you.


all in all both are AWESOME and i highly recommend them to you.  if you could only buy one, then i would buy the newer 360 version since it allows your baby to be front facing.

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