My Mother’s Day Wishlist: Mini-Mommy Makeover

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’ve been thinking about what would REALLY make me feel pampered and fresh.  Here are some of the things that I’ve been eyeing~~~

  1. a freaking HAIR CUT.  sad but true.  i think i get my hair cut 1 or 2x a year because there is just NO TIME EVER.  here is the cut and color i’ve been wanting.d09b6035b85e0d522e5d274c4284c41d
  2. microblading and eye liner tattoo.  this is something i’ve wanted for a while and i think it would be HUGE as a busy working mom.  it will help me look fresh and alive even when i don’t have the time to put makeup on.  many of my friends also do eyelash extensions but i’m not sure i can keep up with that one. b7c28dd216e70ee165219ee104a731dc
  3. getting my moles removed.  i heard that just doing this one thing will instantly make your face and skin look flawless.  in combination with a fresh cut and some permanent makeup, this might be all i need to make my tired face look more glowing.

those above would be my dream, “fresh mommy” look.  i’m in desperate need of some up keep here.  a ponytail can even look cray cray after a while.

now some pretty pretty PRESENTS that i have my eye on…

  1. chanel wallet on a chainshopping
  2. chanel espadrilleschanel espadrilles


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