Stomach Flu

We have had quite a week in the Blair home.  C caught the stomach flu which resulted in her throwing up twice at a birthday party (and for the first time ever) and exploding liquid from every end of her for five days straight.  Gross does not even begin to describe it.

The best part is that mike and I caught C’s bug and both threw up the same time that C was having a meltdown about going to bed.  Awesome.

M and I have never felt so sick but we are both at work because…we are grown and have responsibilities.  Sigh. Did I mention this is C’s second birthday weekend and I’m not sure how it will all go down?  Beyond just the normal sick/birthday problems~ we planned a casual ice cream party in the park AND it is forecasted to rain that day.  Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy.  >.<

Things are not going well…

BUT through all this sickness, one fun thing I was able to do for c when she was sick was create this huge pool bed.  It had her fav blankets and stuffed animals and she was able to watch tv in total comfort.  We normally try to limit C’s screen time and sugar intake but during this time she was sick…we let her do whateverrrrr.  I have never seen a more sick baby.  :(.  C is so tough and so energetic that even when sick you can’t really tell.  But this past week she was so lifeless that I kept checking to see if she was alive and breathing.  She lost so much weight and barely ate anything.  Poor baby.

Below as you can see, Lucy loved the pool bed.  The three of us took afternoon naps in it and lounged all day in it. 😛

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