17 Month Toddler Life 

OMG i found this in my draft box from like 8 months ago and still had to post!!  c has so much personality and i just love her to pieces.  here are just a couple of pics below. 🙂


Some fun updates about our little C~~~  She is 17 Months Old and Sassy as HELL.  She is expressive, emotional, goofy, sweet, and wicked smart.

this is c below holding a handbag and waving at all the people walking past the window.  lol

this is me spying on c at sunday school before pick-up time.  i love seeing her in “school” mode.  it’s the part of her life i don’t know of and i’m just DYING to see it.

at 17 months these were her two favorite books.  at almost 24 months NOW, she has memorized them.  it’s so fun to look back on something like this and be able to measure how much c has grown and changed. <3

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