Class Pass Review: A Mom Must


if you can believe it now, i used to work out three times a week when i met mike.  we used to go running and hiking together and were really active as a couple.  but before classpass, the last time i had worked out was 1.5+ years BEFORE c was born.  (it was when we got lucy).  SIGH.  scary and sad.  so that means that throughout my pregnancy, post pregnancy and like almost 2 years after i just didn’t think i had time for physical fitness.  i was too tired, too busy, and well…not motivated.

recently, two of my friends and i joined classpass together and it has CHANGED MY WORLD.  i started their first month off by doing 5 classes and eased into working out with Yoga (my fave) and then pilates and pop physique/bar method.  i feel like i’m doing something totally fun and enriching for myself, while getting the chance to shop around and find the best studios/instructors/workouts.

class pass has been a really FUN experience that i look forward to.  it’s a little “me” time during the week and i’m loving the options that are available for me.  if you are looking to ease back into working out or want to challenge yourself with new studios or don’t know what you want and just need to shop around~~ class pass is for you girl.  i cannot say it enough!!  now get that beach body for the summer by enrolling today! 😀

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