Mommy Monday: Convertible Car Seat Review for Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 and Pria 7-


when you’re a new parent and there are hundreds of products out on the market, it’s really hard to decide what is best for your family and your little one.  i chose the pria models for c because the seat itself was HUGE, the material is soft and cushion-y, and the entire seat/head rest area was the most comfortable looking compared to all the other models out there.  i read in various reviews that there were a few more models/brands that were safer for babies~ but they didn’t look comfy.  i dunno about you all, but if we are going to invest in a car seat, i wanted C to be both safe and comfortable.  SOOO… i got the Pria 85 for my car and the Pria 70 for mike’s.  Mike’s car is smaller than mine, so that’s why we got a smaller model.

the Pria 85 will hold your child up until 85lbs and the Pria 70 will hold your child up until 70lbs.  see how clever they were with the numbers?  lol  there are directions for you to put the seat in rear-facing or front facing and both car seats come with different reclining positions based on rate and position it is in the car.  the covers come off easily (for me, not for mike) and i’m obsessed with the cup holder.  i put snacks in there for c while we’re driving and it keeps her quiet and busy.  (anyone else’s kid HATE the car seat???)  the head position and rest adjusts to your child and the strap length can be adjusted as well.

both the car seats are also convertible car seats so it will take your baby from newborn (dep on weight) to 70 or 85lbs (so like…8 years old or something).  great right?!  really nice to just invest in one seat for that time period?

the one and only con I have about this car seat is that it can be difficult to secure into the car.  like you have to remember all the straps and loops and such.  but once you get the hang of it~ it’s not too bad.  And like I said earlier, this seat is BIG.  So if you have a tiny compact car, this might not be the seat for you.  When it’s in the middle of the back seat, there’s a little extra space to have your little one sit there.  if you need two of these in the back of a compact… I’d find a different/smaller model in either this brand or out on the market.

anyway, hope this review helps you mamas looking for a convertible car seat!!  i highly recommend this baby and have had no problems with it.


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