DIY hanging toy/ laundry bags


Mike and I recently found these adorable bags from Amazon and weren’t quite sure what to do with them.  They were kind of small, so we couldn’t use them as large toy bins like the pictures show, but they were the perfect size for laundry bags and lost small toys.  At night, after C goes down, Mike and i pick up around the house.  There are so many things that need to go into her room but b/c she is sleeping we just throw them outside her door in a big pile.  In an attempt to give everything a “home”, we have punched holes in these bags (using grommets we bought on Amazon) and hung them outside her door (one on top of each other).  Not only are they the cutest decorations outside her room, but they serve an awesome purpose.  One bag is for her loose laundry floating around the house and one is for small toys/items that should go back into her room.

This was an incredibly easy project that Mike made while C was napping.  If ya’ll are like us and trying to get your home organized with a wild little one running around, here’s an incredible idea for you!!  Super easy, cheap and original. 🙂






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