Mommy Mondays: Uppa Baby Vista Review

Need a stroller for your newborn/toddler but aren’t sure which one to get??  This is THE ONE.  Keep reading to find out why~~~uppababy-cruz-stroller-review

When you enter the stroller/carseat world, it is SO overwhelming.  I mean SOOO overwhelming.  You walk into buy buy baby and this section is wall to wall with different brands, types, styles and colors.  I must have slowly backed out of this section like 5 times before I had to seriously buckle down and get one.

Going in blind, I literally walked around a few baby stores and tested it out.  I tried folding them alone, carrying the full weight of the stroller folded and unfolded, and just did a bunch of tests to see if it was easy for me to maneuver alone.  I mean, Mike isn’t going to be around every single time ya know?  We also have a TON of stairs in our apartment complex, so being able to manage this on my own was CRUCIAL.  I picked the Uppbaby Cruz Stroller because it was lightweight, incredibly easy to fold, had a HUGE basket and was really easy to insert the car seat or bucket seat.  Like SUPER DUPER easy.  It wasn’t the fanciest stroller on the market but that was not one of my concerns.  I needed EASY and Lightweight.  For when C was a newborn/infant, we used the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat (review of it here), and it was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.  Again, it was an easy car seat for me to click into the car and carry a baby around in as a new mama.  What’s also super cool is that the bucket seat and the car seat can be clicked in facing you or away from you.  SO VERSATILE and no accessories needed to do that.  Just CLICK and go!

We have had this stroller for two years now and could not say more wonderful things about it.  To cover things that obvious reviews don’t cover about it…The stroller is VERY easy to clean, as is the car seat.  The stroller came with a rain cover, a mosquito net and a sun guard attached to the bucket seat.  You won’t believe how many times we’ve used all of those add-ons.  I bought a stroller organizer for the top handles and a heart clip to carry shopping bags while we’re out.  Again… those accessories were SO SO clutch.

The bucket seat has a sun guard, an opening at the top (to see your baby), and like 5 different recline positions.  I use the recline positions differently depending on whether my babe is sleeping, trying to sleep, wide awake but reclined for comfort, or sit-up super straight and see the cool show/movie/animals at the zoo.

My absolute FAVORITE part of the stroller and the feature that sealed the deal for me was the HUGE basket at the bottom.  It’s really easy to throw things into, it’s perfect for a diaper bag, purse, shopping bags, etc.  AND it’s the perfect size to put our little dog when we’re out and about all day.  I never pack light and I always just throw things into the stroller if we’re out all day~ and this huge basket seriously “gets me”.  I wouldn’t know how to live if it weren’t so spacious and versatile.  There are also pockets on the side so you can keep more important items or extra diapers and wipes.

If you have any questions please let me know!  I’m OBSESSED with this stroller and have zero regrets.  🙂  Happy Mondays Mamas!!

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