Mommy Mondays: Mini Melissa Shoe Review for Toddlers

Mini Melissa Shoe Review for Toddlers

happy first monday of april!

if you guys have been following along for a while you know my journey of shoes for c and the research that i’ve done (post here).

i wanted to share these new shoes that i got for c from nordstroms on sunday!!  this is c’s second pair of mini melissa’s and i swear they are SOOOO amazing.  the shoes are made of the softest silicone/rubber, the shoes are wide (for extra comfort), they have a thick bottom cushion, AND you can easily bend them in half and side to side.  for little feet that are growing and developing their muscles~ these shoes are PERRRFECTO.

i over analyze all of c’s shoes~ how they fit her feet, how she walks when she’s in them, etc etc etc. and i highly recommend this brand and these shoes that we bought c.  they are a bit on the pricey side ($50+) but i SWEAR they are worth every penny.

finding the right shoes is SUPER DUPER important for new walkers and toddlers.  your baby’s feet are growing and forming muscles.  so make sure to buy either these mini melissa’s or shoes that you can bend in half that allow room for your little one’s feet to move/grow.  shoes should support those little feet, not the other way around.

ok end of rant!  lol   xoxo happy monday ya’ll!

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