Five, Six and Seven Months

found another super fun gem in my drafts box!! eek adorable~~~this is a fun and perfect way to celebrate her upcoming 2nd bday.  lol  i thought i was in survival mode during this time frame below and what’s funny is…i’m still in survival mode.  perhaps that’s parenting??  maybe until kids are in elementary school we’re all in survival/get through it mode?

looking at all of this makes me realize that the idiom is true: the days are long but the years are short.


I’m super late on this post and well any monthly post about c.  Sigh.  Isn’t this the story of my life lately???

Anyway, I cannot believe that it has been seven months since witto c has entered this world.  My life has completely changed and my heart has grown more than I knew it ever could.  I could literally gush for hours about how amazing this babe is.

Even through the intense sleep deprivation, the hardships, the sheer survival mode we have been in for half a year, and the endless bottle washing/laundry/diaper changes…there is truly nothing more rewarding.

I have to say that I might have become a bad and neglectful friend, wifey, daughter, and worker…but I am confident about my mom skills.


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17 Month Toddler Life 

OMG i found this in my draft box from like 8 months ago and still had to post!!  c has so much personality and i just love her to pieces.  here are just a couple of pics below. 🙂


Some fun updates about our little C~~~  She is 17 Months Old and Sassy as HELL.  She is expressive, emotional, goofy, sweet, and wicked smart.

this is c below holding a handbag and waving at all the people walking past the window.  lol

this is me spying on c at sunday school before pick-up time.  i love seeing her in “school” mode.  it’s the part of her life i don’t know of and i’m just DYING to see it.

at 17 months these were her two favorite books.  at almost 24 months NOW, she has memorized them.  it’s so fun to look back on something like this and be able to measure how much c has grown and changed. <3

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Kids Clothing: Where to Shop


i’m constantly being asked where i get c’s clothing and accessories and shopping for this little one is seriously the most fun thing in the whole world.  here are some of the shops that i go to for c!

Janie & Jack-chic baby wear.  i’m obsessed with this store.  the clothing is crazy pricey but if you buy items on sale with an additional sale they have each year

Baby Gap/Gap Kids-who doesn’t love this place.  i would say that 80% of charlotte’s laundry is from here. ^^

Old Navy-the place where i buy a bulk of c’s basics: leggings, shirts, daycare wear, AND surprisingly really really cute items.  i think c gets the most compliments for what i get her here.

Zara-the most fashionable clothing!! prices can be a little high depending on what you get but they are to die for cute.

Nordstroms-i buy wardrobe staples here like shoes, sweaters, jackets, etc.

H&M-love their trendy pieces and the prices are awesome

Amazon-when you’re in a pinch, prime shipping is awesome! plus they have a lot of asian brands/clothing that you can’t find in store.

Target-OMG do i even need to talk abou this store?  target has the cutest cat & jack line!


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Class Pass Review: A Mom Must


if you can believe it now, i used to work out three times a week when i met mike.  we used to go running and hiking together and were really active as a couple.  but before classpass, the last time i had worked out was 1.5+ years BEFORE c was born.  (it was when we got lucy).  SIGH.  scary and sad.  so that means that throughout my pregnancy, post pregnancy and like almost 2 years after i just didn’t think i had time for physical fitness.  i was too tired, too busy, and well…not motivated.

recently, two of my friends and i joined classpass together and it has CHANGED MY WORLD.  i started their first month off by doing 5 classes and eased into working out with Yoga (my fave) and then pilates and pop physique/bar method.  i feel like i’m doing something totally fun and enriching for myself, while getting the chance to shop around and find the best studios/instructors/workouts.

class pass has been a really FUN experience that i look forward to.  it’s a little “me” time during the week and i’m loving the options that are available for me.  if you are looking to ease back into working out or want to challenge yourself with new studios or don’t know what you want and just need to shop around~~ class pass is for you girl.  i cannot say it enough!!  now get that beach body for the summer by enrolling today! 😀

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Mommy Monday: Convertible Car Seat Review for Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 and Pria 7-


when you’re a new parent and there are hundreds of products out on the market, it’s really hard to decide what is best for your family and your little one.  i chose the pria models for c because the seat itself was HUGE, the material is soft and cushion-y, and the entire seat/head rest area was the most comfortable looking compared to all the other models out there.  i read in various reviews that there were a few more models/brands that were safer for babies~ but they didn’t look comfy.  i dunno about you all, but if we are going to invest in a car seat, i wanted C to be both safe and comfortable.  SOOO… i got the Pria 85 for my car and the Pria 70 for mike’s.  Mike’s car is smaller than mine, so that’s why we got a smaller model.

the Pria 85 will hold your child up until 85lbs and the Pria 70 will hold your child up until 70lbs.  see how clever they were with the numbers?  lol  there are directions for you to put the seat in rear-facing or front facing and both car seats come with different reclining positions based on rate and position it is in the car.  the covers come off easily (for me, not for mike) and i’m obsessed with the cup holder.  i put snacks in there for c while we’re driving and it keeps her quiet and busy.  (anyone else’s kid HATE the car seat???)  the head position and rest adjusts to your child and the strap length can be adjusted as well.

both the car seats are also convertible car seats so it will take your baby from newborn (dep on weight) to 70 or 85lbs (so like…8 years old or something).  great right?!  really nice to just invest in one seat for that time period?

the one and only con I have about this car seat is that it can be difficult to secure into the car.  like you have to remember all the straps and loops and such.  but once you get the hang of it~ it’s not too bad.  And like I said earlier, this seat is BIG.  So if you have a tiny compact car, this might not be the seat for you.  When it’s in the middle of the back seat, there’s a little extra space to have your little one sit there.  if you need two of these in the back of a compact… I’d find a different/smaller model in either this brand or out on the market.

anyway, hope this review helps you mamas looking for a convertible car seat!!  i highly recommend this baby and have had no problems with it.


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The Price is Right: Ultimate Baby Shower Edition

you guuuuuuuys~~~~ i’m going to be tv famous on friday!!! for like 10 seconds total, you’ll be able to see me in the audience at the price is right. LOL

check out my review of the episode and all the fun that i had being a guest on The Price is Right! =)  show airs today, Friday, April 21st!



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DIY hanging toy/ laundry bags


Mike and I recently found these adorable bags from Amazon and weren’t quite sure what to do with them.  They were kind of small, so we couldn’t use them as large toy bins like the pictures show, but they were the perfect size for laundry bags and lost small toys.  At night, after C goes down, Mike and i pick up around the house.  There are so many things that need to go into her room but b/c she is sleeping we just throw them outside her door in a big pile.  In an attempt to give everything a “home”, we have punched holes in these bags (using grommets we bought on Amazon) and hung them outside her door (one on top of each other).  Not only are they the cutest decorations outside her room, but they serve an awesome purpose.  One bag is for her loose laundry floating around the house and one is for small toys/items that should go back into her room.

This was an incredibly easy project that Mike made while C was napping.  If ya’ll are like us and trying to get your home organized with a wild little one running around, here’s an incredible idea for you!!  Super easy, cheap and original. 🙂






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Must have Lip Colors for Spring

lipstick is my favorite way to accessories these days.  it’s so easy and REALLY complete’s a good look. =)  here are some of my faves this season!

spring lip colors


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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Happy Easter 2017

this weekend was filled with fun, candy, and family.  here are a few pictures of charlotte, lucy and c’s bestie. <3

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3 fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender img_1957 img_1964

my first born and babe.  she is such a trooper and i couldn’t love a doggie more. <3img_1982

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Mommy Mondays: Uppa Baby Vista Review

Need a stroller for your newborn/toddler but aren’t sure which one to get??  This is THE ONE.  Keep reading to find out why~~~uppababy-cruz-stroller-review

When you enter the stroller/carseat world, it is SO overwhelming.  I mean SOOO overwhelming.  You walk into buy buy baby and this section is wall to wall with different brands, types, styles and colors.  I must have slowly backed out of this section like 5 times before I had to seriously buckle down and get one.

Going in blind, I literally walked around a few baby stores and tested it out.  I tried folding them alone, carrying the full weight of the stroller folded and unfolded, and just did a bunch of tests to see if it was easy for me to maneuver alone.  I mean, Mike isn’t going to be around every single time ya know?  We also have a TON of stairs in our apartment complex, so being able to manage this on my own was CRUCIAL.  I picked the Uppbaby Cruz Stroller because it was lightweight, incredibly easy to fold, had a HUGE basket and was really easy to insert the car seat or bucket seat.  Like SUPER DUPER easy.  It wasn’t the fanciest stroller on the market but that was not one of my concerns.  I needed EASY and Lightweight.  For when C was a newborn/infant, we used the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat (review of it here), and it was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.  Again, it was an easy car seat for me to click into the car and carry a baby around in as a new mama.  What’s also super cool is that the bucket seat and the car seat can be clicked in facing you or away from you.  SO VERSATILE and no accessories needed to do that.  Just CLICK and go!

We have had this stroller for two years now and could not say more wonderful things about it.  To cover things that obvious reviews don’t cover about it…The stroller is VERY easy to clean, as is the car seat.  The stroller came with a rain cover, a mosquito net and a sun guard attached to the bucket seat.  You won’t believe how many times we’ve used all of those add-ons.  I bought a stroller organizer for the top handles and a heart clip to carry shopping bags while we’re out.  Again… those accessories were SO SO clutch.

The bucket seat has a sun guard, an opening at the top (to see your baby), and like 5 different recline positions.  I use the recline positions differently depending on whether my babe is sleeping, trying to sleep, wide awake but reclined for comfort, or sit-up super straight and see the cool show/movie/animals at the zoo.

My absolute FAVORITE part of the stroller and the feature that sealed the deal for me was the HUGE basket at the bottom.  It’s really easy to throw things into, it’s perfect for a diaper bag, purse, shopping bags, etc.  AND it’s the perfect size to put our little dog when we’re out and about all day.  I never pack light and I always just throw things into the stroller if we’re out all day~ and this huge basket seriously “gets me”.  I wouldn’t know how to live if it weren’t so spacious and versatile.  There are also pockets on the side so you can keep more important items or extra diapers and wipes.

If you have any questions please let me know!  I’m OBSESSED with this stroller and have zero regrets.  🙂  Happy Mondays Mamas!!

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Good Friday

Happy Good Friday Everyone.  I hope you and your families have a lovely weekend Celebrating the Death & Resurrection of Christ, plus some good old Easter Egg fun.

rgf1n4_007_6x8logo_landscape rgf1n4_005_6x8logo_landscape rgf1n4_004_6x8logo_landscape rgf1n4_002_6x8logo_landscape rgf1n4_001_6x8logo_landscape

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Spring Look


i’m loving floral rompers for spring!

Romper  Chloe Crossbody  YSL Lipgloss  Sunnies   Espadrilles

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3 Great Family and Dog Friendly Parks

With a very active toddler and a dog that needs much love, it’s hard to plan the weekends out so that both get the exercise they need.  One super easy (FREE) way for our babies to get their wiggles out is by going to a park for a few hours and enjoying the sunshine.  Here are three of my favorite parks in the West LA area.

IMG_9858i love her expressions!!

Roxbury Park

I love this park.  It had a ton of space/grass area for picnics, outside activities, and two parks for the kids.  On site there is a baseball field, bacci court, lawn bowling lawn, basketball court, and so much more.  Parking is ample street or metered parking, clean bathrooms, a community center nearby and tables that you can reserve for very cheap ($14-$29 each).

Mar Vista Park

AWESOME park for families and people looking to play sports.  HUGE field for soccer, football and baseball; playground for little ones; tons of tables for picnics/parties, cleanish restrooms for families, and a workout area for adults.  This park is incredibly easy to walk or drive to with pets and little ones.

Palms Park

Palms park has a community center, playground, public library and soccer field.  It’s a small, tucked away park right off the 10 freeway but perfect for a family to spend the day/evening.  Your little one can play at the park and then go to story time in the library!  Parking here can be a little tricky if there’s a soccer game going at the same time, but it’s a great one-stop shop when you’re trying to plan a day of activities for your little one without spending money or going from place to place.



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Home Depot Kids Workshop

cover-photo O M G.  i cannot believe this day has finally come~~ that little c is big enough to go to these workshops!!!  i seriously cannot tell you how jealous i was when i saw other bigger kids going last summer and it’s finally our turn!  LOLL  i was SOOO excited that i felt like i was the one having the most fun.  c LOVES painting and she had a ball.  the nailing part was a bit advanced but she had so much fun pounding away on the table and watching all the other kids around her.  i put this activity in our calendar for the summer so that we don’t miss out!  it’s so hard to come up with activities to do with little ones on the weekend and it’s great that we found one for freeeeeeeeeeee.  :))))))))



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Easter Bakset Ideas For Toddlers

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

easter planning is well underway in the blair home!  i love a good holiday and the fun decorations that it comes with.  we have a small apartment so it’s hard to decorate for each season, so i tried to make a few super cute easter baskets and items for a easter egg hunt outdoors.

this is going to be the first easter where charlotte will actually understand the concept of finding eggs and putting them in her basket.  this is the first year she’ll probably cry when taking pictures with the easter bunny.  AND this miiiiiight be the first year that she gets to try some fruit snacks for the first time! (gasp)

when i shopped around for goodies i tried to find non-candy items like stuffed animals, bubbles, stickers, play-do, coloring materials, goldfish crackers, fruit bites, etc.  c is so little that she doesn’t need candy in her eggs but the items should still be small indulgences right??

and the most fun part that i’m looking forward to, is dying easter eggs with her!  she’ll get a chance to dip the eggs in different colors, and decorate the eggs with stickers and markers.

some cheap places to get materials: dollar store, 99 cent store, walmart, target, amazon, and oriental trading company.  there are a ton of great non-candy items for all aged children. =)

happy easter basket making!!

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Date Night Outfit Ideas


fun outfit idea for your next date night 😉

Milly Dress  Chanel Lipgloss  Choker Necklace  YSL Bag  Lupita Block Heel   Deborah Lippman Polish

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Mommy Mondays: Mini Melissa Shoe Review for Toddlers

Mini Melissa Shoe Review for Toddlers

happy first monday of april!

if you guys have been following along for a while you know my journey of shoes for c and the research that i’ve done (post here).

i wanted to share these new shoes that i got for c from nordstroms on sunday!!  this is c’s second pair of mini melissa’s and i swear they are SOOOO amazing.  the shoes are made of the softest silicone/rubber, the shoes are wide (for extra comfort), they have a thick bottom cushion, AND you can easily bend them in half and side to side.  for little feet that are growing and developing their muscles~ these shoes are PERRRFECTO.

i over analyze all of c’s shoes~ how they fit her feet, how she walks when she’s in them, etc etc etc. and i highly recommend this brand and these shoes that we bought c.  they are a bit on the pricey side ($50+) but i SWEAR they are worth every penny.

finding the right shoes is SUPER DUPER important for new walkers and toddlers.  your baby’s feet are growing and forming muscles.  so make sure to buy either these mini melissa’s or shoes that you can bend in half that allow room for your little one’s feet to move/grow.  shoes should support those little feet, not the other way around.

ok end of rant!  lol   xoxo happy monday ya’ll!

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