My Current Skincare and Beauty Favorites


after almost two years after c was born, i finally feel like myself again.  weird that it took this long.  but i’m finally starting to invest in some skincare products and have fun with make up again. here are some fun new products that i’ve been loving and highly recommend if you are looking for something new. 🙂


  1. biossance-LOVE this oil.  it absorbs into your skin and feels so good.  during the summer months i only use this oil since other thicker lotions can feel heavy.  i put a few drops of the oil in my palm, rub my hands together and then pat it gently on my skin.
  2. elf eyebrow pencil–LOVE this in taupe.  it goes on smoothly, is a thick formula so it won’t wipe off easily.  the best part of this pencil is that it is only $2!
  3. maybelline big shot mascara.  i am obsessed with this line of mascaras.  i love the thick formula and how light it is.  by light i meant that if i curl my eyes lashes, this formula doesn’t weight them back down like so many others.  i always choose the blackest black, water proof formula.  goes on SO SMOOTH and stays on all day.
  4. NARS orgasm blush. do i even need to explain why this is so freaking awesome?  the color is the perfect shade and the formula has a light sheen to give the apples of your cheek that perfect pop.  like highlighter and blushing one.
  5. NARS lipglosses~ same as the blush.  the color pigment is rich, the formula is smooth, and i love the sheen in the glittery glosses.  when you’re a busy mom, you want an easy gloss to do all that a lip liner, lipstick, and gloss do.  if that’s what you’re looking for~ pick one of these babies up!
  6. fit foundation from maybelline.  i can’t say enough good things about this formula.  it is medium/full coverage (which is the only foundation i use), the color matches my skin perfectly (which is hard to find), and the price is unbelievable!
  7. oh this is one of my favorite indulgences: jo malone perfume.  there are hundreds of different combinations and layers you can create.  after having charlotte i bought two and overtime i put it on, it’s seriously one of my favorite ways to make any day better and brighter.
  8. & 10 basically ANYTHING keihls is my favorite.  i love their line of skincare products and this creme de corps body lotion is HEAVEN.  feels SOO rich and smooth on your skin.  when i was pregnant i rubbed this generously over my belly, hips and thighs.  really helped with the tightness and stretching skin.
  9. it’s pretty rare that i get to take showers longer than 10 minutes.  actually, i’m pretty sure i don’t take showers over 10 minutes anymore.  lol.  but when i do shower, i like small indulgences in the delicious smelling soaps and fancy shampoos/conditioners.  makes me feel like myself.  like i’m spoiling myself.  ;P

if you’re looking for any products, try one or all of these out.  each of these make me feel awesome and like i’m really treating myself. ^^

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