Care Bear 35th Anniversary Party at Giggles N Hugs


yesterday c and our bestie mom/daughter duo went to a 35th care bear anniversary party at giggles n hugs in topanga mall.  i have to say, hands down, this was one of the best events i’ve been to for c.  she was showered with treats, love, play, crafts and care bear fanfare.  we were so lucky to be a part of this entire day!  we had never been to a hugs and giggles before but were SO impressed by the venue, easy access (parking and finding the location), clear facilities, available play areas for kids AND the kind service.  (read more about my review of the venue here)

at the event itself it was carebear EVERYTHING.  stickers, coloring pages, a bear, bags, videos, GALORE.  c will never miss out on this care bear comeback. =)

here are pictures of the event and the fun treats C and E received.  btw…can you see in this pic above ms. C photobombing beverly mitchell’s photo?  LOLLLLL  love her.
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see this blue care bear?  this is actually the one c wanted yesterday.  i walked her over to the carebears and she hugged the blue one and giggled with excitement.  we walked the blue one to our table and while we were playing in the playyard someone stole it =(  the neighboring table (i think) took it.  c cried a little when she saw someone else had it but luckily i was able to grab the last carebear left (a pink one).  i feel really bad about not putting the carebear in my purse when she picked it (lesson learned for this mama), so next time i see this blue one at the store i’ll have to pick it up.  funny how mom guilt works.   i guess i’ll have to spoil c MORE.   lol0101_0022_2s5a1513 0107_0064_2s5a1734


C LOVED this zip line below.  i couldn’t believe how good she was about holding on and riding it to the end.  proud mama. <3



i posted the cutest videos of c playing on her instagram (@littlelottieblair).  she had the TIME OF HER LIFE playing with all the toys, running up and down the towers/jungle gyms, and being with other kids her age.  she met these adorable 2.5 year old twins and made a toddler-friend connection.  <3img_1115img_1173

the BEST part of the day for c was probably when she got her face painted!  when c saw herself she was SOOOOOOO happy.  she loves a good face paint and sits so patiently.  my heart was bursting with love and pride as i was watching her transform into a pink care bear (her color choice).img_1141img_1152

today’s loot!  these care bears will be very special for our little babe~ just like it was for her mama. <3img_1166img_1172

these two are growing up to be besties already and i couldn’t be more pleased!! xoxo (just like their mamas!)


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