What’s in my Toddler Diaper Bag

now that c is a toddler, i find that i don’t have to travel with as much but i do need to be prepared in other ways.  she doesn’t need bottles or formula but she does need snacks (for angry moments), toys, a jacket, and diapers/wipes.  oh, and sometimes the most important: hand sanitizer for those messy unexpected moments. ^^

one cool tip that i’ve been using are those little zip bags above!  i got them for $1.50 each at diaso and i keep two in my bag at a time so that things are organized and easy to pull out.  one is a busy bag full of toys + snacks.  the second is filled with diapers + wipes + extra clothing.  and when you change diaper bags (aka purses) you can just move the two zipped bags + your wallet! =)  super easy peasy.

oh and for this Louis Vuitton never full bag (largest size–MM) is the BEST diaper bag EVER.  it’s strong, sturdy, easy to use and cleans easily as well.  if you’re looking for a high end diaper bag i totally recommend this baby.  i picked the white color for the summer but i have to be a little careful with the purse since it’s white inside and out.  i think for my next diaper bag purchase i’ll get the normal LV classic logo in the medium sized bag (or large)…we’ll see. =)  if you have any questions about this purse let me know! xo

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