Mommy Mondays: Best Staycation Spots in Southern California


traveling with a little one is HARD and the idea of flying to NYC, Seattle, or Mexico are not happening.  LOL  So what is a new family to do??  STAYCATION!!!  We went on one this past summer and it was literally the most FUN weekend since C was born.  haha is that sad?

anyway, this 2017 year i’m hoping to plan a few weekend getaways to really enjoy our time as a family and get a little R&R for me and mike. =P

Best Staycation Spots in CA

–Dolphin Bay Resort

goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.  the facilities are out of this world, there are kitchens in the villas, and everything you need is all in one place.  the front desk has extra pool items you can check out, kids eat for free under 2 at the on-site restaurant, the pool and hot tub are new, there is a spa on-site, the hotel is pet friendly, parking is free, your hotel overlooks the bluffs, and when you check into your room there is a fun gift basket for your little one with a personalized note!

–Solvang Inn and Cottages

this sleepy danish town is PERFECT for families.  the hotel was pet friendly, super quiet, came with a free breakfast (great for kids), free parking, and the full danish experience.  mike and i went there thinking there wouldn’t be enough to do with c but we were SO wrong.  walking around this tourist town there was nothing BUT fun things for kids to explore, eat, and try on.  we bought c the cutest little danish clogs when we were there!  if you plan to go with your family, leave time for easy picnics, fun photos with various monuments, and delicious baked goodies.

–Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica

this hotel is simply gorgeous. it’s located right on the beach and the on-site restaurant choices are amazing.  this hotel is perfect for parents who want a fancy brunch/dinner and for both big kids and little toddlers.  the pier is a 3 minute walk away with rides, games, food, and fun.  there’s also the famous santa monica beach and third street mall with tons of great shopping and food options.  if you’re looking for an ultimate vacation spot with tons of things to do and explore~ this is it!  be a tourist in your own city and take a trip to santa monica.

–montage hotel, laguna beach

this is one of my most favorite spots ever.  since mike and i started dating we took fun trips down to laguna.  although it’s so close to la, it feels like a totally different world.  the sand is super soft, the water is warm and the beach city vibe is captivating.  you’ll love getting out of the city and making the short one hour drive down to laguna.  the montage hotel is a 5 star resort with every amenity you could ask for.  it’s fancy, easy for families, and the one stop shop so that you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.  there’s also a gorgeous, quaint town just down the street for you to explore and walk around in during the day.  BUT if it were me, i would spend the entire day just swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out at the pool and beach. =)  love this gorgeous hotel and all that it offers.

–Disney’s Grand California Hotel

this is definitely a pricey night or two trip but one that will be memorable for you and your family.  staying at the hotel is an incredibly easy way for families with little ones to travel since you can go into the park early, you can come back anytime for your little one to nap properly or change their clothes, you do not have to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff with you all day, you have a place to nurse/pump if needed, and at the end of the night if your little one can’t stay up for fireworks~ you can still see it from the hotel.  the grand california hotel also has an incredible pool for the daytime if you don’t get a second pass at disneyland and there are lots of wonderful restaurant choices and shows for your little one.  some of the rooms come with theme options as well if you have older kids who could really appreciate it. =)



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