Bows for Little Ones


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how cute are these bows???  mike recently asked me if bows were a new commodity that he didn’t know about… LOLL  BUT i’m part of a bow of the month club AND etsy just has soo many cute options.  i mean, who DOESN’T want their daughter to look cute right??  lol  you feel me mamas??

anyway, i thought it would be fun to share some of the places that these are from below so that if you’re looking for bows you can buy with me! =P

the two bows at the top are from target ,the big fabric bows are from easy (here and here), the fun star is from amazon, and the other bows i made from ribbon i bought at joann’s fabrics. =)  the bunny was bought was a super cute korean store in town.

so if you’re interested in buying bows for your little one, here are some fun ideas of where to go! =)

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