Mommy Mondays: Date Night Ideas for Parents


mike and i started to go on more date nights since c has gotten older and well…we are finding that it’s been a while.  a LONG while since we had a romantic night alone or spontaneously did something.  that being said, we’re starting to get back into the groove of things and here are some fun ideas for you if you’re trying to plan a future date night! =)

  1. couples massage + dinner
    when c was first born mike and i physically had a hard time adjusting.  one of our very first date night’s was a couples massage + dinner and it was HEAVENLY.  it felt so good to be pampered after only taking care of a wee thing and not sleeping.  mike and i did this a few times after c was born and it really made a difference for us.  we got to talk to each other again, enjoy a cocktail in an adult restaurant and pamper ourselves a bit.
  2. happy hour
    this is one of the things i totally miss about pre-babyhood.  is that weird?  i miss the awesome freedom to go have drinks with friends is SUCH a luxury.  i kinda wish i had taken advantage of it more!  lol  anyway, sometimes mike and i will meet up a little early (before picking up c) and have dessert or a drink.  it feels really nice to even have that tiny bit of time together
  3. fancy dine-in movie
    with babysitters, it’s kind of hard to go somewhere for 6 hours.  so what are two busy parents to do?  go to a fancy dine-in movie theatre of course!  you get to order drinks, sit in super cushy chairs, and eat a yummy dinner while watching a movie.  pre-baby we never would have paid that extra expense but since our date nights are so far and few between~ it’s worth it!
  4. work out class
    it’s hard to believe now, but when mike and i met we used to work out together and go running.  RUNNING!  lol if you have a spare hour or two, i recommend doing a workout class with your partner or just going for a plain old run!  it will feel SO refreshing and amazing.  that kind of new/fun activity will bring a spark back into your body, life and relationship!
  5. hike + a brunch
    oh man, this feels AWESOME if you have the opportunity to take a morning date together.  breaking a sweat, getting some sun, and then having an intimate brunch together with adults/drinks/fancy coffee~~~ mann oh mann.  it’ll feel like you were 24 again!  you just need a super cool pair of shades and a hot and trendy brunch spot picked out. =P
  6. coffee + dessert
    for my birthday last year mike and i dropped charlotte off at daycare and went on a day date together.  it felt awesome playing hookey from work and then again from c.  we went to universal studios and then had a little coffee/dessert date before picking her back up.  our first date was ice cream in Westwood~ so trying out a new dessert spot in town felt just like our first date again. <3  you don’t have to necessarily pick coffee + dessert but it’s nice to catch up with your best friend/partner/baby daddy without a screaming baby or a million other things to tend to.  it’s an out of body experience to have coffee and talk like adults.  lol
  7. the mall
    oh my goodness, when was the last time you tried on clothes in the dressing room and had a chance to SHOP??  this is such a random and small detail but i swear it feels like heaven to go with your partner and do something this mundane will make you feel like you’re two high school kids dating again.  LOL

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