Mommy Mondays: Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat Review

looking for a carseat for your baby?  well look no further because i HIGHLY recommend the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat.

uppa baby car seat review

we read all the reviews, looked at our price point, consulted friends and finally landed on the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat.  it was small, easy to use, easy to clean and very easy to transport charlotte around in.  i am not very strong, so to me the weight of the car seat was really important.  i carried this model around in the store with my purse inside and found it easy to maneuver.  then i looked at the base and the uppa baby cruz stroller that it clicked into and found that it was all incredibly easy to use.  what more could i ask for right??

all you need is to buy bases for the cars in your family and click the car seat into whichever car you go into.  INCREDIBLY easy.

i only have awesome things to say about this car seat.  i haven’t tried any others for newborns, but i have to say when i look around at other mamas at the mall or hospital or mommy and me classes~~ i’m never envious of the other options out there.  if i had to choose a close second, i think it would be a britax model.  those seems just as safe and comfortable!

i also chose the stroller before i chose the car seat, which will come in next week’s review!  but the entire process of choosing a stroller and a car seat seemed REALLY daunting.  it seemed overwhelming to think that my tiny decision now would effect/protect my baby for the next 1-3 years!  goodness me.  i totally put this entire process off until like month 8, so if this review can help any confused mama’s out there i’ll be glad.

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