Tradesy Review


I recently bought two purses from Tradesy and had the most WONDERFUL experience.  You can search through their ginormous data base and select the price range, condition, brand, etc that you are interested in.  For me, I chose two bags that were older (aka cheaper) and found this sweet spot where they were “gently used” but in excellent condition.  And the best part, they were the cheapest listings in that sweet spot.

This is not sponsored.  Just wanted to share these two new purses I got that I’m totally in love with, that are in like new condition and it didn’t break the bank.  I’m always super duper skeptical of buying second hand, but this was the best experience I could have had.  I’m pretty sketched out by ebay since there are so many fakes out there.  Buying from a reputable website (like Tradesy) made me confident I would be purchasing items that were authentic.

Anyway, just passing this new find along to you friends. =)  May you find the purse of your dreams for a discounted price!

Some other things on Tradesy I’m dyyyying for…


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