Spring Shoe Wishlist for 2017

the weather is getting warm and i’m so excited!  time to break out fun dresses and shoes for spring. =)  here’s my shoe wishlist from nordstroms and Chanel.


  1. Chanel Flats  2. Sam Edelman Leyla Sneaker  3. Valentino ‘Soul Stud’ Peep Toe Sandal   4.  Marc Fisher Espadrilles 5. BP Maddie Mule  6. Chanel Espadrilles  7. Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Demi d’Orsay  8. BP Lula Lock Block Heel 9. Seychelles Coast Knot Slide  10. Birkenstocks  11. BP Kali Flat  12. Adidas ‘Stan Smith’ Sneaker
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First Trip To Disneyland

for c’s second birthday mike and i decided to take her to DISNEYLAND in lieu of a birthday party.  i for one am SOOOOOO excited.  she is going to have the time of her life and seriously love every second of the magic Disneyland has to offer.

so in planning for this big trip what is the most important thing???  the perfect outfit of course!! =P

Here is a little collage above of stuff i plan on buying for her (off amazon!).  i’m obsessed with the red mini melissa shoes above and the gray heathered tee.  i can’t wait to see charlotte light up as she gets to try her first ice cream cone and carry around her first mickey shaped balloon.

eeeek!!  May can’t come fast enough! =) xoxoxo

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My Current Skincare and Beauty Favorites


after almost two years after c was born, i finally feel like myself again.  weird that it took this long.  but i’m finally starting to invest in some skincare products and have fun with make up again. here are some fun new products that i’ve been loving and highly recommend if you are looking for something new. 🙂


  1. biossance-LOVE this oil.  it absorbs into your skin and feels so good.  during the summer months i only use this oil since other thicker lotions can feel heavy.  i put a few drops of the oil in my palm, rub my hands together and then pat it gently on my skin.
  2. elf eyebrow pencil–LOVE this in taupe.  it goes on smoothly, is a thick formula so it won’t wipe off easily.  the best part of this pencil is that it is only $2!
  3. maybelline big shot mascara.  i am obsessed with this line of mascaras.  i love the thick formula and how light it is.  by light i meant that if i curl my eyes lashes, this formula doesn’t weight them back down like so many others.  i always choose the blackest black, water proof formula.  goes on SO SMOOTH and stays on all day.
  4. NARS orgasm blush. do i even need to explain why this is so freaking awesome?  the color is the perfect shade and the formula has a light sheen to give the apples of your cheek that perfect pop.  like highlighter and blushing one.
  5. NARS lipglosses~ same as the blush.  the color pigment is rich, the formula is smooth, and i love the sheen in the glittery glosses.  when you’re a busy mom, you want an easy gloss to do all that a lip liner, lipstick, and gloss do.  if that’s what you’re looking for~ pick one of these babies up!
  6. fit foundation from maybelline.  i can’t say enough good things about this formula.  it is medium/full coverage (which is the only foundation i use), the color matches my skin perfectly (which is hard to find), and the price is unbelievable!
  7. oh this is one of my favorite indulgences: jo malone perfume.  there are hundreds of different combinations and layers you can create.  after having charlotte i bought two and overtime i put it on, it’s seriously one of my favorite ways to make any day better and brighter.
  8. & 10 basically ANYTHING keihls is my favorite.  i love their line of skincare products and this creme de corps body lotion is HEAVEN.  feels SOO rich and smooth on your skin.  when i was pregnant i rubbed this generously over my belly, hips and thighs.  really helped with the tightness and stretching skin.
  9. it’s pretty rare that i get to take showers longer than 10 minutes.  actually, i’m pretty sure i don’t take showers over 10 minutes anymore.  lol.  but when i do shower, i like small indulgences in the delicious smelling soaps and fancy shampoos/conditioners.  makes me feel like myself.  like i’m spoiling myself.  ;P

if you’re looking for any products, try one or all of these out.  each of these make me feel awesome and like i’m really treating myself. ^^

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Care Bear 35th Anniversary Party at Giggles N Hugs


yesterday c and our bestie mom/daughter duo went to a 35th care bear anniversary party at giggles n hugs in topanga mall.  i have to say, hands down, this was one of the best events i’ve been to for c.  she was showered with treats, love, play, crafts and care bear fanfare.  we were so lucky to be a part of this entire day!  we had never been to a hugs and giggles before but were SO impressed by the venue, easy access (parking and finding the location), clear facilities, available play areas for kids AND the kind service.  (read more about my review of the venue here)

at the event itself it was carebear EVERYTHING.  stickers, coloring pages, a bear, bags, videos, GALORE.  c will never miss out on this care bear comeback. =)

here are pictures of the event and the fun treats C and E received.  btw…can you see in this pic above ms. C photobombing beverly mitchell’s photo?  LOLLLLL  love her.
0094_0015_2s5a1496 0103_0024_2s5a1524

see this blue care bear?  this is actually the one c wanted yesterday.  i walked her over to the carebears and she hugged the blue one and giggled with excitement.  we walked the blue one to our table and while we were playing in the playyard someone stole it =(  the neighboring table (i think) took it.  c cried a little when she saw someone else had it but luckily i was able to grab the last carebear left (a pink one).  i feel really bad about not putting the carebear in my purse when she picked it (lesson learned for this mama), so next time i see this blue one at the store i’ll have to pick it up.  funny how mom guilt works.   i guess i’ll have to spoil c MORE.   lol0101_0022_2s5a1513 0107_0064_2s5a1734


C LOVED this zip line below.  i couldn’t believe how good she was about holding on and riding it to the end.  proud mama. <3



i posted the cutest videos of c playing on her instagram (@littlelottieblair).  she had the TIME OF HER LIFE playing with all the toys, running up and down the towers/jungle gyms, and being with other kids her age.  she met these adorable 2.5 year old twins and made a toddler-friend connection.  <3img_1115img_1173

the BEST part of the day for c was probably when she got her face painted!  when c saw herself she was SOOOOOOO happy.  she loves a good face paint and sits so patiently.  my heart was bursting with love and pride as i was watching her transform into a pink care bear (her color choice).img_1141img_1152

today’s loot!  these care bears will be very special for our little babe~ just like it was for her mama. <3img_1166img_1172

these two are growing up to be besties already and i couldn’t be more pleased!! xoxo (just like their mamas!)


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Mommy Mondays: Disciplining Toddlers-Spanking, Time-Outs, Lectures


charlotte is 22 months and going through the most delight terrible-twos phase.  she is strong-willed, independent, well developed in her motor skills, able to communicate with us, and all at the same time VERY capable of saying “no” and doing whoever she damn well pleases.  sigh.

anyway, this post is more about the journey we are on and what we have tried.  i think for the next year or two we will still be navigating this confusing path but hopefully come out the other side happy, unscathed and without regrets.

(short) Lectures

every time c does something wrong or something that is not nice, we sit her down and explain what is not ok.  or we tell her what was not cool about her actions.  this does not always work.  in fact, it rarely works.  mike and i aren’t sure if it’s b/c she is too little or maybe it’s bc she doesn’t fully understand her actions against what just happened.  we continue to use this as our first form of discipline but sometimes…it doesn’t seem like enough.  c is very agreeable to what was wrong and that she will always do better.


this is kind of the same as the lectures but with a small consequence: she has to sit in the time out chair.  well…it takes like 10 minutes to even get her into the time out chair so by the time she is there, it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t remember what happened and why she is there to begin with.  then she finds some way to have fun in the chair by kicking the wall, slouching, or doing whatever is “funny”.

Counting/Loud Voices

so counting for c at this age doesn’t work.  she is just learning her numbers and when i count to three she thinks it is SO fun.  she smiles and will start counting too.  when i see that it breaks my heart to have her associate the counting with getting into trouble (right now), so i’ve resorted to screaming her name and saying “or else you will be in big trouble”.  this is kind of hit or miss.  she will do this if i’ve spanked her the last time she did it, b/c she remembers and won’t do it again.  or i can yell “do you want a spanking” and she will say no and come.  but yelling is just so embarrassing and i HATE raising my voice.  so…this works much better than the short lectures, but i get flustered and angry~ and i hate feeling that way.


oh goodness me.  this is one thing i seriously didn’t want to do.  but i find myself doing it sometimes.  i use this as the last possible resort and only when it is something that puts herself or others at danger.  for instance, she bit my mom on the shoulder just to bite her.  she will smack our tiny dog with toys and laugh about it.  she will run out into the street or into the pathway of cars in a parking lot just to get away and run.  all of these things i find to be serious and something that cannot happen again.  here is the line and you have crossed it.  when i spank i tell her what she did wrong, i lecture her sternly, and then i spank her once on the side of the leg.  not to hurt her or abuse her.  just to reinforce that what just happened can never happen again.  running into the streets or away from mommy in the parking lot is NOT ok.  hitting people and animals is unacceptable.  again this is a total last resort and something i hate to do~ so i’m still working on the first three happening.


anyway, i don’t have a conclusion or a main point to this post.  just telling you where we are in our discipline journey and how it is and is not going.  mike and i have noticed that her bad behavior is not cute anymore and her pretending not to listen actually has consequences now.  in order to curb her brattiness and her ability to play well with others~ we are gonna need to make sure we find an effective form of discipline.

if you other mamas have a good idea and suggestions please let me know!  i’m aaaaaaall ears! xo





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Asian Hair-Aspirations from Pinterest

i am dyeing to do something different with my hair.  i think it’s been black for like the past 6-7 years.  blah.  i’m seriously craving highlights, curls and lots of layers. =)  here are a few looks i’m mulling over~~



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Spring 2017 Girls Collection From J.Crew

GAH i love the selection of girls’ clothing at j.crew.  here are my picks for c this spring! =) xoxo


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Transitioning from the Crib to the Toddler Bed

oh my…this one has been quite the journey for our home.  we weren’t going to transition charlotte out of her crib until we were pregnant or until she could climb out of the crib…neither of which was happening when SHE decided she was a big girl and would only sleep on a big girl bed.  WHAAAT??  yea, cray.  mike was gone in india/puerto rico for two weeks and charlotte decided all at once that she was going to pee on the toilet and sleep on a big girl bed.  GAHHH.  it would have been awesome if these two things happened smoothly but, then there wouldn’t be a blog post about it right?  ;P

one night charlotte cried in the middle of the night and started screaming “no no no no no” while facing the wall.  it seriously terrified me.  i was convinced she was having a bad dream and still sleeping when i tried to soothe her back to sleep.  after that one bad night~ girlfriend never slept in the crib again.  EVER.  i can’t even put her in there for fun without her crying.  sad and scary right?

anyway, charlotte started sleeping in the big girl bed (the single mattress bed we had in the nursery) but it wasn’t baby proofed and we were just unprepared for her to be there permanently.  so i had to amazon prime a waterproof mattress cover, waterproof pad and a guard rail.  (i used dining room chairs until the rail arrived.  lol)

ok so now for the challenges and what has semi-kinda-hopefully will work for us.  lol  it’s kind of this really gray journey that we’re still figuring out.  (c mixes things up as soon as mike and i think we have a routine down.  awesome right?)

  1. we keep the same bed time routine and time.  we do bath at 7pm, read books, brush her teeth, have a few sips of water, turn off the lights and then sing songs in the dark.  we wanted to make sure she understood that even with the new bed, sleep time was sleep time.
  2. c was so used to a crib that she didn’t realize that she could slip out of the bed.  that was pretty cool for a while.  we could put her down and walk out like before.  she has figured this one out since then.  lol
  3. we got an extra long guard rail so that it covers the entire side of the bed.  that helps with securing her in there and preventing her from readily leaving during bed time.  and charlotte moves around a lot in the middle of the night and having the guard rail go to the bottom of the bed catches her from falling out.  (this is the one we have)
  4. bedtime FAILS: there was a REALLY hard time where we had to sleep with her in bed until she fell asleep, which would make us fall asleep.  then we make one step forward where we layoff the ground next to her bed until she falls asleep.  i would never recommend this routine to anyone b/c it was hard on us (the parents), but it was the easiest way for us to transition her and prevent her from freaking out.  it took about 2 months to get her over this stage of needing us in the room while she fell asleep.
  5. FINALLY we are now at the stage where after all the night time routine is complete, we say goodnight and tell her we will sit just outside the door.  she cries each time and then will calm down and call out for us once in a while.  we respond and assure her we’re still there and she should go to bed.  this new development is a freaking DREAM COME TRUE.  we get to chill outside the door (while on our phones) or walk out into the living room.  if we hear her call we kinda just run over and say “shhh” or “go to sleep baby”.  lol  this isn’t full proof and there are definitely some nights that she needs one of us in bed with her, but i kind of cherish those little moments so i don’t mind TOO much.

i’ve heard a lot of transition stories of where the baby keeps running out and parents having to lock the door or make sure the kids can’t open it from inside.  that was totally what i was preparing for, but so far it has been ok.  maybe b/c the guard rail is so long?  maybe b/c we did the slow transition?  i’m not sure… i also still think it’s very possible that in 6 months she’ll realize she can escape the bed and we’ll have to revamp this whole bedtime routine.  but so far this has been our transition store from crib to bed.

if you mamas are looking for an untraditional way, here it is! lol

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What’s in my Toddler Diaper Bag

now that c is a toddler, i find that i don’t have to travel with as much but i do need to be prepared in other ways.  she doesn’t need bottles or formula but she does need snacks (for angry moments), toys, a jacket, and diapers/wipes.  oh, and sometimes the most important: hand sanitizer for those messy unexpected moments. ^^

one cool tip that i’ve been using are those little zip bags above!  i got them for $1.50 each at diaso and i keep two in my bag at a time so that things are organized and easy to pull out.  one is a busy bag full of toys + snacks.  the second is filled with diapers + wipes + extra clothing.  and when you change diaper bags (aka purses) you can just move the two zipped bags + your wallet! =)  super easy peasy.

oh and for this Louis Vuitton never full bag (largest size–MM) is the BEST diaper bag EVER.  it’s strong, sturdy, easy to use and cleans easily as well.  if you’re looking for a high end diaper bag i totally recommend this baby.  i picked the white color for the summer but i have to be a little careful with the purse since it’s white inside and out.  i think for my next diaper bag purchase i’ll get the normal LV classic logo in the medium sized bag (or large)…we’ll see. =)  if you have any questions about this purse let me know! xo

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Easter Fever

img_8954-2-2img_0170 img_0387


here are a few items below for c’s Easter basket.  post coming on that soon! =)Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

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Mommy Mondays: What you Need to Know About Raising a Bilingual Child


if you do not know already, mike and i are raising a bilingual child (english and korean).  it was the way i was raised and it is something that i very consciously think about and intentionally execute.

my parents immigrated from south korea.  they were were forced to learn english very quickly and had no choice but to raise us to speak both.  there is so much to say being raised as a second generation child from an immigrant family.  so many similar stories, hardships, and moments that can’t be explained.  but that’s for a different post and a different time.

being raised bilingually came with a lot of really awesome perks that i came to appreciate the older i became.  it’s a gift that you can’t force or fake.

when i was pregnant with c i had to find a daycare for her that was not only safe but one that would teach her values, language and school skills.  as a new parent this choice is SO VERY overwhelming.  do you choose one with only organic/vegan food?  one that focuses on art?  one that teaches a second language in addition to English?  one with a montessori or waldorf philosophy?  one that is more like a grandmother who takes care of 1-3 children at her own?  i mean..honestly the choices and options are endless.  mike and i chose a korean speaking daycare in ktown that also taught christian values.  both of which were super duper important to us.

(here is a post about my journey to finding a daycare and co-parenting with one)

ok…so after choosing the daycare and sending c there, i did an insane amount of research on what we needed to do in order to grow c’s language skills in both english and korean.  why?  because i took a class in a post-bacc program at csu long beach that talked about bi-lingual learners and speakers.  the class covered how to do it correctly and how to do it incorrectly.  i also worked in a middle eastern languages program for a while that had a HUUUUGE emphasis on languages and learning multiple languages.  so with all that knowledge in mind, i listened to every podcast i could find and read every article that would help me navigate this journey we would all take as a family.

i know it sounds silly to do so much research since i was raised bilingually~ but i struggled a lot with learning both languages and cultures.  it was 100% one thing at home and 100% one thing at school and the rules rarely overlapped so i felt this big gap that i was hoping would not happen for C.  ESPECIALLY since we were also going to be a bi-cultural family.

after tons and tons and tons of research, here are some cool tips that i’ve learned over the past two years to help all your mamas interested in raising your kids bilingually!

  1. bilingual children and babies use different parts of their brain and it’s a HUGE benefit to the kids!
  2. children who learn multiple languages at once may have a small speech delay.  it’s nothing to be alarmed about.  they are absorbing SO MUCH that when they do start speaking, they will speak both languages at once.  for c i was super worried this would happened and although she didn’t speak as quickly as some monolingual kids i know, she started speaking just fine and has been developing her language skills well.  she speaks mainly korean but she clearly understands both and is learning english as well from her dad and daycare.
  3. there is a misconception that you will be confusing a child with two languages.  that is totally false.  when babies are exposed to both from the beginning, their brains are capable of learning both and separating the two (at a later time).
  4. one parent needs to take ownership of one language.  so for me and mike, it was obvious that i would speak with charlotte in korean 100% of the time and he would speak to her in english 100% of the time.  children need consistency and they will organically learn to respond to each parent in the language correct language.  by sticking to this (1 parent, 1 language) rule, children will learn to naturally speak the two languages equally and grow her skills together.
  5. children need to learn both languages at the same time and in all the elements: writing, reading, speaking.  i learned from a class that students who only speak one language at home (without reading/writing) and then one language at school (reading/writing/speaking) it confuses kids.  they begin to mix the language rules together and in the worst case scenarios~ children are unable to properly speak both.  in class this was the worst case possible and something that happens ALL THE TIME to immigrant children in america.  this was something i totally related to, which is why i wanted to be extra careful when teaching c both.
  6. children need to be supported bilingually until at least the age of 8.  one expert from a podcast i listened to (Super Mamas), said that if a child learns two languages until 8, then the child will remember both for the rest of their lives.  cool right??
  7. when children are born, they are able to move their tongues (i forgot the exact number) like several hundred thousand ways.  but after the age of 3, you can only move your tongue in the way of your spoken language.  so kids who learn languages before 3 are supposed to sound like native speakers for life.  but not so for kids who learn a second language later.  and then after the age of 8 or even 14 (in some articles i read) it is much more difficult to learn a second language and you will not sound like a native speaker.
  8. not to confuse the info from above, but it is never too late to teach your child a new language.  the above point is about sounding like a native speaker or where your brain stores the language.  after the age of 8, children have a native language so when they learn a new one, that new language is stored in a different part of the brain and kids will translate the second language.
  9. be committed and consistent.  those things will REALLY pay off.  i see charlotte growing in both languages and could not be more proud or more motivated to continue!! xo

For some helpful articles if you want to research more:

How to Raise a Bilingual Child.  Systems Make it Simple.

Raising a Bilingual Child.  Top Five Myths.

Raising Bilingual Children

Raising Bilingual Children: Who Should Speak What

My Best Tips for Raising Bilingual Children


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Easy Makeup and Hair for the Busy Mama

I’m always looking for shortcuts to getting ready and looking presentable at work/church/play dates.  Thank the Lord for Pinterest and YouTube tutorials!  Lol.  Here are some good ideas I found online!  Enjoy busy mamas! 🙂


3, 5, & 10 Make-Up Tutorials

Practical Makeup Tips for Moms

Fabulous and Fast Makeup Tips for Moms

Eye Makeup for Tired Eyes

Ponytails for Moms

Quick and Easy Bun

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Mommy Mondays: Best Staycation Spots in Southern California


traveling with a little one is HARD and the idea of flying to NYC, Seattle, or Mexico are not happening.  LOL  So what is a new family to do??  STAYCATION!!!  We went on one this past summer and it was literally the most FUN weekend since C was born.  haha is that sad?

anyway, this 2017 year i’m hoping to plan a few weekend getaways to really enjoy our time as a family and get a little R&R for me and mike. =P

Best Staycation Spots in CA

–Dolphin Bay Resort

goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE this place.  the facilities are out of this world, there are kitchens in the villas, and everything you need is all in one place.  the front desk has extra pool items you can check out, kids eat for free under 2 at the on-site restaurant, the pool and hot tub are new, there is a spa on-site, the hotel is pet friendly, parking is free, your hotel overlooks the bluffs, and when you check into your room there is a fun gift basket for your little one with a personalized note!

–Solvang Inn and Cottages

this sleepy danish town is PERFECT for families.  the hotel was pet friendly, super quiet, came with a free breakfast (great for kids), free parking, and the full danish experience.  mike and i went there thinking there wouldn’t be enough to do with c but we were SO wrong.  walking around this tourist town there was nothing BUT fun things for kids to explore, eat, and try on.  we bought c the cutest little danish clogs when we were there!  if you plan to go with your family, leave time for easy picnics, fun photos with various monuments, and delicious baked goodies.

–Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica

this hotel is simply gorgeous. it’s located right on the beach and the on-site restaurant choices are amazing.  this hotel is perfect for parents who want a fancy brunch/dinner and for both big kids and little toddlers.  the pier is a 3 minute walk away with rides, games, food, and fun.  there’s also the famous santa monica beach and third street mall with tons of great shopping and food options.  if you’re looking for an ultimate vacation spot with tons of things to do and explore~ this is it!  be a tourist in your own city and take a trip to santa monica.

–montage hotel, laguna beach

this is one of my most favorite spots ever.  since mike and i started dating we took fun trips down to laguna.  although it’s so close to la, it feels like a totally different world.  the sand is super soft, the water is warm and the beach city vibe is captivating.  you’ll love getting out of the city and making the short one hour drive down to laguna.  the montage hotel is a 5 star resort with every amenity you could ask for.  it’s fancy, easy for families, and the one stop shop so that you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.  there’s also a gorgeous, quaint town just down the street for you to explore and walk around in during the day.  BUT if it were me, i would spend the entire day just swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out at the pool and beach. =)  love this gorgeous hotel and all that it offers.

–Disney’s Grand California Hotel

this is definitely a pricey night or two trip but one that will be memorable for you and your family.  staying at the hotel is an incredibly easy way for families with little ones to travel since you can go into the park early, you can come back anytime for your little one to nap properly or change their clothes, you do not have to carry a ridiculous amount of stuff with you all day, you have a place to nurse/pump if needed, and at the end of the night if your little one can’t stay up for fireworks~ you can still see it from the hotel.  the grand california hotel also has an incredible pool for the daytime if you don’t get a second pass at disneyland and there are lots of wonderful restaurant choices and shows for your little one.  some of the rooms come with theme options as well if you have older kids who could really appreciate it. =)



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Bows for Little Ones


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
how cute are these bows???  mike recently asked me if bows were a new commodity that he didn’t know about… LOLL  BUT i’m part of a bow of the month club AND etsy just has soo many cute options.  i mean, who DOESN’T want their daughter to look cute right??  lol  you feel me mamas??

anyway, i thought it would be fun to share some of the places that these are from below so that if you’re looking for bows you can buy with me! =P

the two bows at the top are from target ,the big fabric bows are from easy (here and here), the fun star is from amazon, and the other bows i made from ribbon i bought at joann’s fabrics. =)  the bunny was bought was a super cute korean store in town.

so if you’re interested in buying bows for your little one, here are some fun ideas of where to go! =)

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

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Mini BluKicks Review

Hello Friends. =)  I don’t know if you saw the post, but I wrote a review for BluKick Shoes that were sent to us through my MomsLA guest writing gig.  Check out the post and C’s super adorable shoes!

For my review post, check it out here: http://momsla.com/mini-blukicks-review/

blukicks review

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Mommy Mondays: Date Night Ideas for Parents


mike and i started to go on more date nights since c has gotten older and well…we are finding that it’s been a while.  a LONG while since we had a romantic night alone or spontaneously did something.  that being said, we’re starting to get back into the groove of things and here are some fun ideas for you if you’re trying to plan a future date night! =)

  1. couples massage + dinner
    when c was first born mike and i physically had a hard time adjusting.  one of our very first date night’s was a couples massage + dinner and it was HEAVENLY.  it felt so good to be pampered after only taking care of a wee thing and not sleeping.  mike and i did this a few times after c was born and it really made a difference for us.  we got to talk to each other again, enjoy a cocktail in an adult restaurant and pamper ourselves a bit.
  2. happy hour
    this is one of the things i totally miss about pre-babyhood.  is that weird?  i miss the awesome freedom to go have drinks with friends is SUCH a luxury.  i kinda wish i had taken advantage of it more!  lol  anyway, sometimes mike and i will meet up a little early (before picking up c) and have dessert or a drink.  it feels really nice to even have that tiny bit of time together
  3. fancy dine-in movie
    with babysitters, it’s kind of hard to go somewhere for 6 hours.  so what are two busy parents to do?  go to a fancy dine-in movie theatre of course!  you get to order drinks, sit in super cushy chairs, and eat a yummy dinner while watching a movie.  pre-baby we never would have paid that extra expense but since our date nights are so far and few between~ it’s worth it!
  4. work out class
    it’s hard to believe now, but when mike and i met we used to work out together and go running.  RUNNING!  lol if you have a spare hour or two, i recommend doing a workout class with your partner or just going for a plain old run!  it will feel SO refreshing and amazing.  that kind of new/fun activity will bring a spark back into your body, life and relationship!
  5. hike + a brunch
    oh man, this feels AWESOME if you have the opportunity to take a morning date together.  breaking a sweat, getting some sun, and then having an intimate brunch together with adults/drinks/fancy coffee~~~ mann oh mann.  it’ll feel like you were 24 again!  you just need a super cool pair of shades and a hot and trendy brunch spot picked out. =P
  6. coffee + dessert
    for my birthday last year mike and i dropped charlotte off at daycare and went on a day date together.  it felt awesome playing hookey from work and then again from c.  we went to universal studios and then had a little coffee/dessert date before picking her back up.  our first date was ice cream in Westwood~ so trying out a new dessert spot in town felt just like our first date again. <3  you don’t have to necessarily pick coffee + dessert but it’s nice to catch up with your best friend/partner/baby daddy without a screaming baby or a million other things to tend to.  it’s an out of body experience to have coffee and talk like adults.  lol
  7. the mall
    oh my goodness, when was the last time you tried on clothes in the dressing room and had a chance to SHOP??  this is such a random and small detail but i swear it feels like heaven to go with your partner and do something this mundane will make you feel like you’re two high school kids dating again.  LOL
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Easy Cocktail Ideas For a Busy Mama


i love me a good cocktail but these days if it isn’t easy to make…forgetaboutit.  I’ll forgo it or pour myself a glass of wine.  lately i realized that a little rum or gin in juice or juice + soda water is the easiest and best way to go!  it’s sweet, mild and just the punch i need to get through the evening after a hard day of work.  here are some fun ideas from pinterest!

raspberry lemonade cocktail

pineapple rum punch

the frenchy

pineapple vodka limeade

elderflower french 75 (pictured above)

lemonade prosecco punch

click here for more recipe ideas~



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Mommy Mondays: Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat Review

looking for a carseat for your baby?  well look no further because i HIGHLY recommend the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat.

uppa baby car seat review

we read all the reviews, looked at our price point, consulted friends and finally landed on the Uppa Baby Mesa car seat.  it was small, easy to use, easy to clean and very easy to transport charlotte around in.  i am not very strong, so to me the weight of the car seat was really important.  i carried this model around in the store with my purse inside and found it easy to maneuver.  then i looked at the base and the uppa baby cruz stroller that it clicked into and found that it was all incredibly easy to use.  what more could i ask for right??

all you need is to buy bases for the cars in your family and click the car seat into whichever car you go into.  INCREDIBLY easy.

i only have awesome things to say about this car seat.  i haven’t tried any others for newborns, but i have to say when i look around at other mamas at the mall or hospital or mommy and me classes~~ i’m never envious of the other options out there.  if i had to choose a close second, i think it would be a britax model.  those seems just as safe and comfortable!

i also chose the stroller before i chose the car seat, which will come in next week’s review!  but the entire process of choosing a stroller and a car seat seemed REALLY daunting.  it seemed overwhelming to think that my tiny decision now would effect/protect my baby for the next 1-3 years!  goodness me.  i totally put this entire process off until like month 8, so if this review can help any confused mama’s out there i’ll be glad.

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Tradesy Review


I recently bought two purses from Tradesy and had the most WONDERFUL experience.  You can search through their ginormous data base and select the price range, condition, brand, etc that you are interested in.  For me, I chose two bags that were older (aka cheaper) and found this sweet spot where they were “gently used” but in excellent condition.  And the best part, they were the cheapest listings in that sweet spot.

This is not sponsored.  Just wanted to share these two new purses I got that I’m totally in love with, that are in like new condition and it didn’t break the bank.  I’m always super duper skeptical of buying second hand, but this was the best experience I could have had.  I’m pretty sketched out by ebay since there are so many fakes out there.  Buying from a reputable website (like Tradesy) made me confident I would be purchasing items that were authentic.

Anyway, just passing this new find along to you friends. =)  May you find the purse of your dreams for a discounted price!

Some other things on Tradesy I’m dyyyying for…


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St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas


i’m not sure how widely celebrated this holiday is outside of school, but i love working on crafts with baby C.  she loves painting and doing art work so i came to good old pinterest to find some fun weekend crafts.  here are some fun ideas and a whole pinterest board dedicated to crafts and gifts to hand out at school.

pot of gold 

wine cork shamrocks (pictured above)

rainbow chain

rainbow fingerpaints

shamrock marshmallow’s painting

rainbow necklaces

leprechaun coloring sheet

click here for more ideas!

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