i never would have predicted it, but having a bassinet when c was born was the most clutch thing we could have had.  we thought we would just use the crib and that would be that, but there are so many things that a bassinet does that a crib cannot (at least in our opinion).  pictured is the bassinet we used for the first 6 months of c’s life.  we seriously would have kept her in there till NOW (21 months) except she grew out of it.  sigh.

this simmons kid bassinet is priced reasonably ($99) and does everything you need: vibrates, has a mobile, plays music, swings, has a basket underneath, and wheels  for rolling around the home.  there is a little mattress pad that you can cover and take out if there are accidents.  the coolest part of this whole thing is that the ENTIRE THING comes off so you can wash it.  SO CLUTCH when there are baby blow outs and spit ups.

the vibrating and music was SUUUUPER clutch for us.  when c was fussy or would wake in the middle of the night, we would tap the buzzer and she would instantly fall back asleep.  CLUTCH.  i cannot tell you how much we relied on it.  when moving her to the crib afterwards we were in for a TRANSITION since the crib wouldn’t have the buzzer.  rawr.

the ONLY CON for me: i thought the mattress wasn’t firm or big enough so i paid a thick flannel blanket down and tucked it all tight down around the mattress so that c had more padding.

this bassinet was AWESOME and we relied on it so heavily when c was a newborn.  we had it next to the bed and when we were outside we would roll it into the living room (or near the doorway of our room so we could hear if she woke up).  there are only a few things that we REALLY needed when c was a newborn and this is our #1.

let me know if you have any questions!  i’d be happy to help if you aren’t sure if you want to buy this.  xoxo


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