Mommy Mondays: How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Oh my is this a tricky one.  With every new stage charlotte grows into comes new challenges with food, sleep and behavior.  These days, getting her to eat veggies in it’s pure form is obsolete.  SO what is a mama to do??  Hide it in food she loves of course. =)

Here are some fun ways I mix veggies into toddler meals.


I often cook soups with tons of veggies and mash it up so that she can’t pick out the ones she likes or doesn’t like.  If I mash it up, she will just eat it all by the spoonful and that’ll be it.  I try to use lentils, carrots, spinach, peas and other veggies that aren’t too strong in flavor.

Here are some recipe ideas that you can add more veggies to!

Italian Sausage Wedding Soup

Veggie Chicken Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup

Autumn Minestrone Soup

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

click for more soup ideas~~


C loves a good pasta and they are so incredibly easy to make.  I try to hide as much as I can in the noodles and the sauce.  Here are some ideas:

zoodles–c LOVES noodles with light olive oil, pesto, parmesean, and some tomatoes.

spaghetti squash–add a little tomato sauce and c is in heaven!  if your little one isn’t into the flavor/texture, add it to regular noodles and you won’t even notice it’s in there!

cauliflower rice–these babies are tinny and if you add them to pasta sauce (or even fried rice or rice dishes) your little one won’t even know.  these guys are tasteless and soft when cooked.

quinoa–i always add quinoa to rice, sauces, soups and everything i make to help cut from using so many carbs and give c healthier meals.  C and mike won’t eat dishes will all quinoa so a handful here or there is the best compromise!

Veggie Smoothies

in the summer or when c is teething OR when you want to mix it up~~ make a smoothie!  this is the absolute BEST way to give your babies fruit and veggies.  i usually put in tons of spinach and pureed veggies and then mask the flavor with bananas, berries, greek yogurt and milk.

is there a baby food that your baby won’t eat but you have a ton of it?  mix it into the smoothie!! =)  here are some smoothie recipe ideas~

5 ingredient recipe ideas

4 ingredient smoothies

weight loss smoothie ideas

30 second smoothies

strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie

blueberry avocado smoothie


hope these ideas help when making toddler meals and planning for the week!  i’m all about easy so i always make a ton of something at once and eat it throughout the week.






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