Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

i’m obsessed with my eyebrows these days and have been watching a ton of youtube tutorials on how to shape and draw them in.  out of all the products out there and all the color options~ it is SO DARN CONFUSING!!!  so i thought i’d share my two favorites that i have found as of late~ elf eyebrow pencil and the push-up bra for eyebrow.  they both have a wax added to the color which allows for a smooth application and doesn’t wipe off easily.  for the elf brow pencil i use the taupe color and for the push-up bra i use the dark brown color.

i’m telling you, these two babies are by far the best pencils i’ve found.  the other ones at the drugstore are either the wrong color, the wrong consistency, or the wear of it is not long-lasting.


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