Mommy Mondays: Traveling Internationally with Babies/Toddlers

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mike is going on an epic adventure to India this week and I wish C and I could be there with him.  We went over all the details and started preparing for a big family trip~ but alas~ leaving work for me was just not in the cards.

In the planning stages though, I researched quite a bit and found the most awesome information to help me (and now you!).


  • make sure you know where you’re going and what the conditions are like.  can you drink the water?  are there mosquitoes with malaria? the only way you can prepare and pack for your little one is to know what environment/non-native dangers you are going to visit.
  • for india we needed to get malaria shots, stickers or spray for mosquitoes and filter for water. some articles also suggested that we bring our own protective pillow cases in the event that the hotel we are staying in has bedbugs.  (i guess it’s common?)
  • for kids we learned it was difficult to bring a stroller through the streets and car seats in cabs were not common. Soooo the next option for us was to bring either a hiking backpack carrier for C or an ergo (we only have the latter).
  • since c is so little if she did get a stomach bug from the water or food it would be difficult to give her so much medication and such. so i planned to double filter everything for her.  filter water in collapsible pitchers, then filter that again before we gave her a bath, brushed her teeth, fed her water, or put it in toddler formula.
  • i’m positive that we could have given her a ton of wonderful food along our travels.  there are restaurants and stores all over the place.  BUT since i am one paranoid mama and traveler… i planned on bringing a whole suitcase of pouches, snacks, instant meals i could make with double filtered water, toddler formula, bottled water, etc.  (on the way home, that same suitcase could be filled with presents and fun things we picked up along the way.)
  • clothing/luggage/toiletries…etc. that was something i try to travel really really light on. just a few things for each of us that we can wash while we’re there.  you can always buy things along the way if you’re in a bind~ but with a baby in tow the last thing you want to do is carry a ton of luggage around.  mike and i do our best to travel with just backpacks when we fly, or one suitcase for all three of us so that one person can be w c and one just has to worry about the suitcase.  it’s crazy to pack that way, but it’s also worth the stress-free traveling it allows us.
  • the plane ride. another major stressor when traveling with a little one.  for this i recommend you cater to your little one and bring whatever you need to so that it’s easy on you and the other passengers.  for us that means an ipad, an iphone, lots of snacks and busy bags.  when i travel, i plan for the return trip in mind.  so i pack 1-2 special busy bags with snacks and hide it from c during the trip so that it’s fresh and new.  along the trip i secretly pick up a few toys and snacks as well.  the flight can either be incredibly easy for all or a vessel of death as your little one screams and has a miserable time.
    (for tips on busy bags, see here, here and here)
  • finally~~ enjoy your trip! lol  after all your preparations and all of your planning, make sure to take lots of pictures and enjoy your time with your family.  =)

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