21 Months!!!

my baby is 21 months todayyyy.  time is flying by so fast I cannot believe she is nearly TWO!  gahhh.

when i look back at the past 21 months in stages, i feel like the one we are in now is both the easiest and hardest.  it’s not as physically exhausting as the first 12 months, but now that C is becoming a little person Mike and i have to actually start PARENTING.  lol  we have actively teach her manners, words, numbers, colors, songs…LIFE!  i can’t zone out for 20 minutes while she sits in one spot chewing on teethers.  i can’t get some dishes done while she sits in the jumper.  NOPE.  these days i don’t even get to pee or shower without her screaming for me and playing on the bathroom floor with the fifty toys she brought in.  when there is even 2 minutes of silence i have to run around looking for her b/c i know she’s up to something naughty.  AND i even have to constantly monitor my own actions/words/facial expressions so that she doesn’t pick up on any bad habits or phrases.

even so, c’s booming vocabulary and hilarious mimicking of us has been the joy and light of our lives.  everyone always tells me this is the most fun stage and it TRULY TRULY is.  alright, i’ll save all my sappy memories and moments for another post (possibly her second bday?).  for now here are some fun pics we took over the weekend. =)  happy tuesday ya’ll!
img_8525 img_8543 img_8545 img_8547 img_8548 img_8631 img_8632 img_8633


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