Adventures at the Doctor’s

we recently went to the dr’s office for c’s 20 month check up and boy was it INSANE.  i was late to the appointment, it was POURING rain, we had no umbrella, and i just ran with charlotte into the office with just my work purse (aka the most useless thing ever).

while in the waiting room charlotte told me she had a “poo poo”.  uhhhh shizzzz.  i thought about not changing the poopy diaper but then thought…that’s pretty cruel of me to make C sit in her own filth for another hour, right???

i asked the nurse if they had diapers and they only had size 1~ c is a size 5.  i was pretty desperate so i said i would take it and the nurse gave me two just in case (put them together somehow?).  i put a diaper in her pants like a pad and then put her pants back up.  no joke, i thought i was SOOO freaking clever.  UNTIL c made squeezing sounds and i saw a huge wet line down her pants.  SHHHIIIZZZZ.  now we’re in a room waiting to be seen by the dr and i have no freaking clue what to do.  sigh.

i immediately took off c’s pants and boots (filled w her pee) and put on the second size 1 diaper.  the RIGHT way this time.  it was so tight though that c kept screaming “Owie, Owie” in Korean.  UGHH.

her clothes were DRIPPING so i wrapped it all in a towel (thank you kaiser room!) and put it in my purse.  same with her rain boots.  yikes.

after the visit was done, i put c’s top and sweater on and then wrapped my big jacket around her bare legs (no socks) before going outside.  it was POURING outside and freezing when we got off the elevator.  the first thing i hear, a woman saying very loudly, “Oh look at this!”  aka…what a bad mom.  both ladies started talking shit about me WHILE I WAS THERE.  i had to stop as soon as we got out of the elevator so i could shift my stuff around and cover her legs more before we went outside.  those ladies talking shit?  watched me the whole time and talked about me more as i was leaving.  UGHH as if my day wasn’t bad enough!!!

i felt really angry about that incident b/c of the instant judgement from them.  it’s not like i WANTED her to be naked below the waist as we were going outside.  it’s not like i WANTED to be unprepared and trying to wing it until I got to the daycare.  i was angry that the woman weren’t more understanding.  moms shouldn’t give other moms mom guilt right???  isn’t that a thing?? shouldn’t that be a rule???

sigh.  anyway… it was a CRAZY mess of a morning and just one of those days where everything goes wrong.  i haven’t had one of these days in a super long time~ maybe since c was an infant?  but MANNNN.  note to future self~ ALWAYS carry at least one diaper.  ALWAYS!!!!  rawwwwrrr.

here are some fun pictures from our visit before the pee-gate chaos happened.  LOL

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