Mama’s Night Out!

My New Years resolution this year was to spend more time with friends and really cultivate my relationships.  And so far so good!   I’ve been going to more dinners, birthdays, wine nights and actually starting to exercise w girlfriends again!   Yayerrrrssss.  I’ve been so caught up in the baby world that I kind of hit pause on my life.  But no c is big, I’m sleeping more (only kinda), and I finally feel ready to hit the pause button and get back into things.

Here are some photos from my past few outings.  🙂

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Mommy Mondays: Best Bassinets for Newborns


i never would have predicted it, but having a bassinet when c was born was the most clutch thing we could have had.  we thought we would just use the crib and that would be that, but there are so many things that a bassinet does that a crib cannot (at least in our opinion).  pictured is the bassinet we used for the first 6 months of c’s life.  we seriously would have kept her in there till NOW (21 months) except she grew out of it.  sigh.

this simmons kid bassinet is priced reasonably ($99) and does everything you need: vibrates, has a mobile, plays music, swings, has a basket underneath, and wheels  for rolling around the home.  there is a little mattress pad that you can cover and take out if there are accidents.  the coolest part of this whole thing is that the ENTIRE THING comes off so you can wash it.  SO CLUTCH when there are baby blow outs and spit ups.

the vibrating and music was SUUUUPER clutch for us.  when c was fussy or would wake in the middle of the night, we would tap the buzzer and she would instantly fall back asleep.  CLUTCH.  i cannot tell you how much we relied on it.  when moving her to the crib afterwards we were in for a TRANSITION since the crib wouldn’t have the buzzer.  rawr.

the ONLY CON for me: i thought the mattress wasn’t firm or big enough so i paid a thick flannel blanket down and tucked it all tight down around the mattress so that c had more padding.

this bassinet was AWESOME and we relied on it so heavily when c was a newborn.  we had it next to the bed and when we were outside we would roll it into the living room (or near the doorway of our room so we could hear if she woke up).  there are only a few things that we REALLY needed when c was a newborn and this is our #1.

let me know if you have any questions!  i’d be happy to help if you aren’t sure if you want to buy this.  xoxo


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Fun Friday

this has been an incredibly stressful month for me~~~ so in celebration of the last friday in Feb, here are some fun/ridiculous articles to help you make it to 5pm!

Keeping Up With the Karttashians

What Kind of Mom Are you?

7 new planets, WHAT?

DO I NEED THIS?? I am obsessed with these huge circle towels.

my newest obsession

oscars this weekend!!

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Final Second Birthday Party Theme: Charlotte’s Farm

and finally~~ Mike’s party theme for C’s second birthday!!  this is one very cute and one that little c will DIE over.  c is OBSESSED with animals and pony rides.  i can’t wait to see her face when she sees what mike has planned for her.  xoxo

check out my pinterest board for more fun ideas! (click here)




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Fruit Party Theme Birthday and Shower Ideas

and finally the last fun idea i had for C’s 2nd birthday party =)  this is such a fun spring/summer theme party to have at a park or in the backyard! xoxo


For more party ideas and details, click on this pinterest board. =)

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Lumberjack Theme Party

Day 2 of party themes!  I know this one is more traditionally male~ but it’s SO FUN and I love all the party details of the tables and decor!


Check out more pics on my pinterest board =P (click here)

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Unicorn Theme Birthday Ideas

C is 21 months already and I’m starting to think about fun birthday ideas!!  Mike and i totally disagree on the theme but I promised he would get to plan this one since I got to plan her first birthday the way I wanted. =P  (see here)

Just for funnies~~ I thought I would put together a few fun theme ideas this week to help inspire all ya’ll planning parties AND help me get these ideas out of my system since we are doing Mike’s theme this year… *sigh *  I’ll end the week on Mike’s Idea so all ya’ll know what we’re really going to do!  lolunicorn-theme-party


Here’s the rest of my pinterest board if you’re interested in seeing it. =P  (Click Here)

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Fun Indoor Activity Ideas for Kids


it’s been raining up a storm here in LA!  sooooo i have had to be VERY creative with how to make the time pass on the weekends.  here are some fun ideas i found on pinterest that i wanted to share. <3

fine motor play

paint in zip loc bags

indoor art work or painting

sensory bin (picture above)

50 fun rainy day activities

sticky sheep

10 rainy day activities

87 indoor activities

click here for more ideas~

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Mommy Mondays: How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Oh my is this a tricky one.  With every new stage charlotte grows into comes new challenges with food, sleep and behavior.  These days, getting her to eat veggies in it’s pure form is obsolete.  SO what is a mama to do??  Hide it in food she loves of course. =)

Here are some fun ways I mix veggies into toddler meals.


I often cook soups with tons of veggies and mash it up so that she can’t pick out the ones she likes or doesn’t like.  If I mash it up, she will just eat it all by the spoonful and that’ll be it.  I try to use lentils, carrots, spinach, peas and other veggies that aren’t too strong in flavor.

Here are some recipe ideas that you can add more veggies to!

Italian Sausage Wedding Soup

Veggie Chicken Soup

Vegan Lentil Soup

Autumn Minestrone Soup

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

click for more soup ideas~~


C loves a good pasta and they are so incredibly easy to make.  I try to hide as much as I can in the noodles and the sauce.  Here are some ideas:

zoodles–c LOVES noodles with light olive oil, pesto, parmesean, and some tomatoes.

spaghetti squash–add a little tomato sauce and c is in heaven!  if your little one isn’t into the flavor/texture, add it to regular noodles and you won’t even notice it’s in there!

cauliflower rice–these babies are tinny and if you add them to pasta sauce (or even fried rice or rice dishes) your little one won’t even know.  these guys are tasteless and soft when cooked.

quinoa–i always add quinoa to rice, sauces, soups and everything i make to help cut from using so many carbs and give c healthier meals.  C and mike won’t eat dishes will all quinoa so a handful here or there is the best compromise!

Veggie Smoothies

in the summer or when c is teething OR when you want to mix it up~~ make a smoothie!  this is the absolute BEST way to give your babies fruit and veggies.  i usually put in tons of spinach and pureed veggies and then mask the flavor with bananas, berries, greek yogurt and milk.

is there a baby food that your baby won’t eat but you have a ton of it?  mix it into the smoothie!! =)  here are some smoothie recipe ideas~

5 ingredient recipe ideas

4 ingredient smoothies

weight loss smoothie ideas

30 second smoothies

strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie

blueberry avocado smoothie


hope these ideas help when making toddler meals and planning for the week!  i’m all about easy so i always make a ton of something at once and eat it throughout the week.






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Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils

i’m obsessed with my eyebrows these days and have been watching a ton of youtube tutorials on how to shape and draw them in.  out of all the products out there and all the color options~ it is SO DARN CONFUSING!!!  so i thought i’d share my two favorites that i have found as of late~ elf eyebrow pencil and the push-up bra for eyebrow.  they both have a wax added to the color which allows for a smooth application and doesn’t wipe off easily.  for the elf brow pencil i use the taupe color and for the push-up bra i use the dark brown color.

i’m telling you, these two babies are by far the best pencils i’ve found.  the other ones at the drugstore are either the wrong color, the wrong consistency, or the wear of it is not long-lasting.


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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours! xoxo

4e960e68-da76-4836-8c6d-53c20158f06f 5b729c42-649e-41e4-978f-3f5f8a365500 8f053190-0390-44d4-b5c9-ceb0b8b4c42e 602ddcbb-786c-4d5a-870f-8619f7f91e83 932e9093-5297-4d81-8740-3f2e636e59e9 9726573b-fb30-45ec-a95b-ccda03182bdc b654e0a0-6ec0-49a1-9ffc-10e80153e980

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Valentine’s Day Presents 

So excited to take these to C’s daycare tomorrow.  Is it strange that this is something I look forward to every holiday???   My mom never did this for me when I was growing up and I def feel like I’m over compensating…lol

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Mommy Mondays: Traveling Internationally with Babies/Toddlers

[picture from pinterest]

mike is going on an epic adventure to India this week and I wish C and I could be there with him.  We went over all the details and started preparing for a big family trip~ but alas~ leaving work for me was just not in the cards.

In the planning stages though, I researched quite a bit and found the most awesome information to help me (and now you!).


  • make sure you know where you’re going and what the conditions are like.  can you drink the water?  are there mosquitoes with malaria? the only way you can prepare and pack for your little one is to know what environment/non-native dangers you are going to visit.
  • for india we needed to get malaria shots, stickers or spray for mosquitoes and filter for water. some articles also suggested that we bring our own protective pillow cases in the event that the hotel we are staying in has bedbugs.  (i guess it’s common?)
  • for kids we learned it was difficult to bring a stroller through the streets and car seats in cabs were not common. Soooo the next option for us was to bring either a hiking backpack carrier for C or an ergo (we only have the latter).
  • since c is so little if she did get a stomach bug from the water or food it would be difficult to give her so much medication and such. so i planned to double filter everything for her.  filter water in collapsible pitchers, then filter that again before we gave her a bath, brushed her teeth, fed her water, or put it in toddler formula.
  • i’m positive that we could have given her a ton of wonderful food along our travels.  there are restaurants and stores all over the place.  BUT since i am one paranoid mama and traveler… i planned on bringing a whole suitcase of pouches, snacks, instant meals i could make with double filtered water, toddler formula, bottled water, etc.  (on the way home, that same suitcase could be filled with presents and fun things we picked up along the way.)
  • clothing/luggage/toiletries…etc. that was something i try to travel really really light on. just a few things for each of us that we can wash while we’re there.  you can always buy things along the way if you’re in a bind~ but with a baby in tow the last thing you want to do is carry a ton of luggage around.  mike and i do our best to travel with just backpacks when we fly, or one suitcase for all three of us so that one person can be w c and one just has to worry about the suitcase.  it’s crazy to pack that way, but it’s also worth the stress-free traveling it allows us.
  • the plane ride. another major stressor when traveling with a little one.  for this i recommend you cater to your little one and bring whatever you need to so that it’s easy on you and the other passengers.  for us that means an ipad, an iphone, lots of snacks and busy bags.  when i travel, i plan for the return trip in mind.  so i pack 1-2 special busy bags with snacks and hide it from c during the trip so that it’s fresh and new.  along the trip i secretly pick up a few toys and snacks as well.  the flight can either be incredibly easy for all or a vessel of death as your little one screams and has a miserable time.
    (for tips on busy bags, see here, here and here)
  • finally~~ enjoy your trip! lol  after all your preparations and all of your planning, make sure to take lots of pictures and enjoy your time with your family.  =)
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Valentine’s Day 

made these valentine’s cards with baby c during one weekend in january when she was home sick with the flu. 🙁  poor thing.  but this one very fun indoor project that all babies will love!  just grab some washable paint and blank paper.  make enough to send out to relatives and post on your fridge! =)

xoxo  Happy Early Valentine’s Day Week everyone!!  xoxo

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Yelp Elite

This year my Yelp Elite status was renewed and I have been a part of this family 6 years in a row.  WOW.  So crazy.  I recently went to this AMAZING yelp event and I just wanted to share a few pics from the event and all of the wonderful vendors that came.  Confession: This is also where I find the newest, hottest brands!!

champs and rose galore~~~ xoxo  best way to start the partly!

a little bite of heaven! <3

sadly i didn’t get to take pictures of all the other vendors that were there b/c i was so busy eating!  lol  there were about 10 more companies that came to share their products, food, and drinks.  next time!  lol  next time i will remember to take photos of everything BEFORE i eat.  hehe

last week was a tough one and this week is not looking any better.  for me so looking back on these pics brings a little sunshine to my dreary, stressful weeeeeek.  blah.

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21 Months!!!

my baby is 21 months todayyyy.  time is flying by so fast I cannot believe she is nearly TWO!  gahhh.

when i look back at the past 21 months in stages, i feel like the one we are in now is both the easiest and hardest.  it’s not as physically exhausting as the first 12 months, but now that C is becoming a little person Mike and i have to actually start PARENTING.  lol  we have actively teach her manners, words, numbers, colors, songs…LIFE!  i can’t zone out for 20 minutes while she sits in one spot chewing on teethers.  i can’t get some dishes done while she sits in the jumper.  NOPE.  these days i don’t even get to pee or shower without her screaming for me and playing on the bathroom floor with the fifty toys she brought in.  when there is even 2 minutes of silence i have to run around looking for her b/c i know she’s up to something naughty.  AND i even have to constantly monitor my own actions/words/facial expressions so that she doesn’t pick up on any bad habits or phrases.

even so, c’s booming vocabulary and hilarious mimicking of us has been the joy and light of our lives.  everyone always tells me this is the most fun stage and it TRULY TRULY is.  alright, i’ll save all my sappy memories and moments for another post (possibly her second bday?).  for now here are some fun pics we took over the weekend. =)  happy tuesday ya’ll!
img_8525 img_8543 img_8545 img_8547 img_8548 img_8631 img_8632 img_8633


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Mommy Mondays: Best Toothpaste and Toothbrushes for Babies and Toddlers

when c started getting her first teeth in, mike and i had to do a LOT of googling to figure out what the best method was to keeping her teeth clean.  i personally have a lot of cavities so i wanted to make sure i didn’t pass those bad habits down to c.  you have teeth for life and i don’t want c to suffer like i have.

here are some tips and tricks we learned from our research, my dentist bff, and our experiences with c!

-don’t share food with your baby or kiss your baby on the mouth.  basically, your saliva and mouth germs should never touch theirs.  why?  adults have bacteria in their mouths that babies are not born with.  babies are also not born with a bacteria that causes cavities.  they only get that from someone else.  after c was born mike and i have been vigilantes about not sharing food with c or kissing her on the mouth.  VERY HARD when it would just be so freaking easy to share a spoon, dish, etc or even give her a little kiss on the lips!

-same goes for sticking your finger in a baby’s mouth.  your fingers have a lot of bacteria on them (esp under your finger nails) that babies are not exposed to.  even if you just washed your hands~ be safe and don’t put your fingers in their mouth without a little cloth or glove on your finger.

-start wiping a baby’s gums as soon as you can (before they have teeth!).  they should be used to having your fingers/hands in their mouths touching their gums.  we used a little cloth when c was in the bath to wipe her gums and tongue down.

-so i read a few conflicting things about what kind of tooth paste to buy~ and ultimately the answer my dentist bff said was to use toddler toothpaste without fluoride.  apparently too much fluoride will cause white spots on kids teeth (which are permanent).  too much fluoride is bad for little ones so you have to be careful not to give it to them too early or in too big of quantity.  we use TOMS training toothpaste.

-when c was little she would let us brush her front teeth bc she loved the flavor of the tooth paste.  these days she insists on doing it all herself.  so i always let her brush first (b/c she is super eager) and then it’s my turn.  i try to brush her mouth twice and her little tongue.  c only gives me like 3 seconds to do it so i have to make sure i get all the little grooves of her teeth and mouth.

-i get these tooth brushes from Daiso in LA and they are AWESOME.  the handle is long which is great for me and the bristle part is tiny and soft, which is perfect for c’s little teeth.

-you’re supposed to see a dentist by the time your little one is 2 years old.  they do a quick check to make sure things are looking good and there are no signs of cavities.  c has crooked teeth so we have to make sure we are brushing those spots very thoroughly or cavities can grow there.

-did you know you’re supposed to FLOSS baby/toddlers?? uhh we didn’t.  my friend told us we could use those tiny floss picks which will be fun for C and easy for us.  c is 20 months (almost 21 months) so we’re gonna add that to our routine.

-the dr put fluoride on c’s teeth every time we visit.  they do it at every visit between 16 and 24 months.  cool right?  c loves it and the little wash protects her teeth from cavities. =)  ask your dr about it if they haven’t done it yet or have not mentioned it for an upcoming health and wellness test.

good luck to you and your little ones!!  it’s so sad to hear when babies have cavities or need to go under anesthesia at 18, 20, 24 months.  SAAAD!!  they’re going to have those baby teeth for at least 6-9 years and to have to worry about cavities as a toddler is just TOO DARN EARLY!  so take care of your little one’s pearly whites and make sure to brush at least twice a day (if not every time they eat).  happy brushing!! xo

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Adventures at the Doctor’s

we recently went to the dr’s office for c’s 20 month check up and boy was it INSANE.  i was late to the appointment, it was POURING rain, we had no umbrella, and i just ran with charlotte into the office with just my work purse (aka the most useless thing ever).

while in the waiting room charlotte told me she had a “poo poo”.  uhhhh shizzzz.  i thought about not changing the poopy diaper but then thought…that’s pretty cruel of me to make C sit in her own filth for another hour, right???

i asked the nurse if they had diapers and they only had size 1~ c is a size 5.  i was pretty desperate so i said i would take it and the nurse gave me two just in case (put them together somehow?).  i put a diaper in her pants like a pad and then put her pants back up.  no joke, i thought i was SOOO freaking clever.  UNTIL c made squeezing sounds and i saw a huge wet line down her pants.  SHHHIIIZZZZ.  now we’re in a room waiting to be seen by the dr and i have no freaking clue what to do.  sigh.

i immediately took off c’s pants and boots (filled w her pee) and put on the second size 1 diaper.  the RIGHT way this time.  it was so tight though that c kept screaming “Owie, Owie” in Korean.  UGHH.

her clothes were DRIPPING so i wrapped it all in a towel (thank you kaiser room!) and put it in my purse.  same with her rain boots.  yikes.

after the visit was done, i put c’s top and sweater on and then wrapped my big jacket around her bare legs (no socks) before going outside.  it was POURING outside and freezing when we got off the elevator.  the first thing i hear, a woman saying very loudly, “Oh look at this!”  aka…what a bad mom.  both ladies started talking shit about me WHILE I WAS THERE.  i had to stop as soon as we got out of the elevator so i could shift my stuff around and cover her legs more before we went outside.  those ladies talking shit?  watched me the whole time and talked about me more as i was leaving.  UGHH as if my day wasn’t bad enough!!!

i felt really angry about that incident b/c of the instant judgement from them.  it’s not like i WANTED her to be naked below the waist as we were going outside.  it’s not like i WANTED to be unprepared and trying to wing it until I got to the daycare.  i was angry that the woman weren’t more understanding.  moms shouldn’t give other moms mom guilt right???  isn’t that a thing?? shouldn’t that be a rule???

sigh.  anyway… it was a CRAZY mess of a morning and just one of those days where everything goes wrong.  i haven’t had one of these days in a super long time~ maybe since c was an infant?  but MANNNN.  note to future self~ ALWAYS carry at least one diaper.  ALWAYS!!!!  rawwwwrrr.

here are some fun pictures from our visit before the pee-gate chaos happened.  LOL

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