one of the things i was obsessed with when i had charlotte was disinfecting the world around her.  (not kidding)  so now that cold and flu season is here (AND we had quite the bug go through our home)~~ I’m sharing a few tips on how to disinfect our toys, bottles, everything!

Disinfect Bottles, Teethers, Pacifiers, small items.

-This is the thing I did CONSTANTLY the first 8 months of C’s life.  Since then… eek not so much. But we have a huge cuisine art sanitizer that takes about 5-7 minutes per batch.  I used to throwing all of C’s bottles, teethers, pacifiers, nipples, breastfeeding accessories, pump parts, and EVERYTHING related to C’s mouth.  I disinfected about once a week and it was INSANELY easy.  I know a lot of people don’t believe in these sanitizers but I thought it was totally worth the extra counter space it took up.  I was way too paranoid to use bleach or anything like that to disinfect and for some reason putting all of that in the microwave didn’t seem right (radioactive waves?? I dunno…).  AND I didn’t trust myself just boiling a pot of hot water.  I swear I would have melted all my bottles and nipples together.  Sigh.  So with this bottle sanitizing machine I literally “set it and forget it”.

Disinfect Toys

-With toys that can be totally submerged, I fill the tub up with a few bottle caps full of bleach and water.  Then I drop all of C’s toys in there and mix it around for a few minutes.  Afterwards I drain the bath and rinse all of her toys thoroughly and lay them out to dry.  For toys that cannot be submerged, I wipe them down with wipes (see the last item) or I use baby wipes or I use a homemade disinfectant spray and then wipe down afterwards.  Toys are what she spends most of her time playing with and touching so I take extra time to make sure this is done well.  I am also super paranoid about her eating bleach or disinfectant products so I rinse everything 3x longer than you’re probably supposed to.  Some people disinfect in the Kitchen Sink or in a huge container~ but the bath is huge and I can do it all at once (including her bath toys!).

Disinfect Bedding/Plush Toys

-After C is over the flu/cold, I open her window and let in fresh air and do a complete wipe down of her room.  I also wash everything with super hot water and a full dry to kill anything else that could be in her room.  It’s possible to say that she won’t get sick from what she just got over or that germs don’t remain in fabrics for long.  But for my own peace of mind, I do a complete wash down.  I also want to make sure her bedding/blankets/plush toys don’t have her snot/drool all over them.

Other surfaces and areas

-For car seats, strollers, and surfaces that your baby touches often~ use disinfectant wipes.  They are easy to use for all surfaces/textures.  If you’re worried about your little one (or yourself) touching items that have been recently disinfected, take a clean and wet wash cloth and wipe all the same surfaces afterwards.  Same idea if you want to use a disinfectant spray for toilets, door knobs, etc.  When C was an infant I also opened all the windows while I was spraying/disinfecting so that she wouldn’t breathe any extra chemicals in.  After all the surfaces had dried, I would go through with wet wash cloths and wipe it all down.

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