2017 Goals and Resolutions


Every year I always make resolutions and every year I break them.  LOL  It’s not that I intentionally break them, I just FORGET!  Life gets in the way and I fall back into the normal rhythm of things.  Boo.

But this year I would love to make only one very intentional resolution:


For about 3 years now I’ve been either pregnant (with the worst morning sickness EVER) or caring for a baby.  I think I even used those three years as an excuse to be lazy and “do me”.  Only…I’ve woken up to find that I’ve become a terrible friend to so many of the people I love dear.  I’ve forgotten to send birthday cards, call, check in on their lives, meet up for dinner, and just…BE A FRIEND!  So my resolution for 2017 is to be more intentional with my time, be a better friend, and focus on the friendships that I hold dear.

My small group takes a number of personality tests and I always come out with an E (for Extrovert).  But these last few years, I feel like I’m an I (Introvert) or even… L (Loser).  I’m so tired and stressed that I’ve forgotten who I used to be!  Thinking back on this resolution and my goal to see my friends more brought back a light and joy in my life that I’ve forgotten about.  It’s like of like a fond memory that comes rushing back.

I used to love hosting and making grand plans to see friends.  These days I’m lucky if I get to sleep in or see my friends for a drink once in a while.  Boo.  The picture from above is at my 30th birthday party in Palm Springs.  We had a huge getaway weekend and it is the best birthday and celebration I’ve ever had.

I’m hoping to take a many more photos this 2017 year with friends and loved ones.

ok and side note: I’m also hoping 2017 is MY YEAR.  Not just to expand my family and do better in life~ but to finally take chances and live a little.  (more thoughts to come on that last note…)

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