Mommy Mondays: Do Toddlers Need Toddler Formula?


this whole milk vs formula vs toddler formula was SUCH a confusing disaster.  toddler formula is something new and people have SUCH different opinions about it.  this post is from my experience with C and our journey figuring out which is right for us.

what i know:
-babies drink formula or breastmilk for the first year.
-babies only start drinking tiny bits of water when they start solids.
-babies shouldn’t drink milk until after 12 months b/c their livers cannot digest milk proteins and it may damage their growing/forming livers.
-after 12 months babies can drink cow’s milk (or any milk you feel is best for your baby) OR they can drink toddler formula.
-toddler formula has vitamins and nutrition that milk does not have (that your baby should be getting in food).
-our Dr provided a vitamin liquid (this one here) that we should be giving to C when we can since toddlers don’t always get the nutrition they need in milk + food and after the transition your baby might lose needed vitamins.  if you don’t want to give the separate vitamins or you think your baby is underweight/malnutrition~ then give them toddler formula.
-when transitioning c from formula to milk, i was worried about how c would react to cold milk and wanted to do the transition method (1/4 milk + 3/4 formula, 1/2 milk + 1/2 formula, 1/4 formula + 3/4 milk, and then finally 100% milk).  mike on the other hand said we should give her cold milk and if she doesn’t like it ,then we’ll try the transition.  c loved the cold milk straight from the fridge and so we never had to do the transition method.  (go figure that mike would be right after all of my research.  =T)


conclusion: it looks like toddler formula is a new thing and it works for some families.  it’s also very convenient since formula doesn’t have to be refrigerated the same way.  toddler formula is more expensive than milk, but has tons of nutrients and vitamins for growing toddlers.  choose whatever is best for your family. =)

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