Mommy Mondays:  Best Milk for Babies and Toddlers


finding the right milk for your baby can be so confusing when you go to the grocery store.  AND you’ll find that many households use different milk and have different philosophies on milk: soy, cashew, organic, whole, almond, etc.

for our family, we did some research online and found multiple articles that helped us know which milk to buy C and which milks to avoid.

(if you want to geek out like we did, here are some articles: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5)

best organic milks that we found in LA:
Organic Valley, Clover, Whole Foods

organic milks to avoid:
horizon, trader joe’s, target brand, costco brand, vons brand, walmart brand, alta dena, and the list goes on.

i think this discussion goes on and on, but this is the short version of all the research mike and i did when c was turning 1.  of course nothing bad will happen to your baby if you give them organic milk from the avoid list.  and i think organic in general is better than non-organic milk for growing babies. so after the basics, i think it is up to each family to choose what is best and most feasible for them.

i hope this helps for you mamas looking to do the same research and find the best milk for your little ones! =)

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