Must Haves for Sick Toddlers

My baby is sick today :(.  Her first serious bought of the flu this school year and her first illness as a toddler.  She’s been such a good sport about her stuffy nose and crazy fever.  This week was the worst for mike and I to miss work and we are SOOO grateful that her daycare let us send her.  They took such good care of her and kept me up to date during the day so we could pick her up early.

Since this is the first time with a sick toddler, here are some clutch items we needed this time around:

  1. Children’s Motrin (not Baby).  Children’s motrin is for 2 year olds and up.  But Baby motrin is only for kids up to 23lbs.  Something so small but random we had to think about right?  (and side note, i bought some from Vons and it turned out to be EXPIRED.  ugh.  always check the expiration before you buy!!)
  2. LIQUIDS!!  I ran out and bought pedialyte and coconut water (in addition to the milk and water we have at home).  C doesn’t love water (like me) so it’s always hard to get her to drink it when she isn’t feeling well.  Giving her options of coconut water, milk and pedialyte was such a god send.
  3. Cold Pouches.  These were so clutch.  They were cold, sweet and easy for C to swallow with her sore throat.  Thankfully I had a few different kinds in the fridge she could eat throughout the week.  (c hates eating the same thing.  any other toddlers out there like that??)
  4. Matzo Ball Soup.  I don’t know about you but I love this soup!  Whenever it is cold out or one of us is sick, this is the first thing we cook. =)  Anyway, the specific reason why I also like this soup for C is that the matzo balls are soft and easy to swallow.  The soup is salty and hot to soothe her throat.  A nice change from all the sweeter liquids/baby food options.
  5. Yogurt and Frozen Yogurt.  I always have frozen yogurt pops in the freezer for C since she’s teething.  Both the normal and the frozen were so helpful when C wouldn’t eat anything but her fever was spiking.  Both kinds of yogurt helped cool her body down and were super easy to for her to eat.
  6. Watery Oatmeal.  C loves oatmeal and making it extra liquidy helped me get more liquids in her, and it made the oats incredibly soft for swallowing.  This was my go to meal for her this week since she wouldn’t eat much of anything else. =(  Poor baby.
  7. Nose Frida–a mama’s best friend.  A little saline spray and water wipes/tissues~~ I was doing my best to unplug C’s sinus’ so she could breathe better.  She’s been snoring like a man this whole week!  BTW, I’ve also been massaging C’s sinus’ when I can to help unclog and relieve the pain there.  She obviously can’t tell me how she feels but the way she lets me do it makes me think it’s feeling better.
  8. SNACKS!  During the few moments during the day that C WOULD eat something, I had a ton of  options for her to choose from.  Ones that she actually ate: raisins, cheerios, and seaweed.
  9. and Finally~~ the thing that C needed most was her Mama/Dada.  She needed tons of cuddles, kisses, songs, and cartoons during the day while she was feeling sick.  C is always on the go, but this past week all she wanted to do was lay on your chest or lay next to you. <3

Some sleeping photos from C’s naps during the day.  Seriously broke my heart seeing her this sick!!  I know this is just for a moment and it’s so weird to say this, but i love these little pockets of time I get to spend with her.  C is growing at such a rapid pace and I always feel like I’m missing out!  It was nice to spend one full day with her in my arms.  <3

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